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Leaving on Good Terms Resignation Letter

Even though you are fortunate enough to be leaving your job on good terms, you should still be sure to go through the proper process of resignation. Writing a nice, professional leaving on good terms resignation letter is a good idea. This can help demonstrate your good will toward your employers and prove that you do not wish to cause any discord or problems in the office or the business world in general. Here is a helpful guide to give you some tips on writing your letter in a formal and gracious manner.

Format and Content

There are many possible ways to write a resignation letter, and as you probably have a great relationship with your boss, try using this formal leaving on good terms resignation letter format. It should be a short letter of about three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you will give a nice greeting and say that you are resigning, and what date. Citing personal reasons is allowed if your motivation is too sensitive to disclose. In the second paragraph, write down job-related notes, keeping them strictly factual, and your contact details. Finally, use your closing paragraph to give an appropriate expression of thanks for the job and the experience you were able to earn. See the example below for the most professional way to finish off the letter.


Being on good terms with your employers is no excuse to hand in a shoddy resignation letter, so try looking at this leaving on good terms resignation letter sample from a salesperson who is switching careers for some ideas. She gives her employers two weeks’ notice and remembers to thank them for their understanding, all the while writing in a cordial, concise style.

Dear Mr. Green,

I just wanted to confirm my upcoming resignation from ABC Company. As you may know, I have recently decided to switch careers, so I will no longer be able to come to work due to my schedule. My last day of work at ABC Company will be September 15, 2014, so please consider this letter to be my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

I plan to finish all existing projects and work hard during my last two weeks, and put forth all efforts to either reassign responsibilities appropriately, or work on training a replacement to take over for me. If you would like to discuss this with me further, please do not hesitate to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email] and I will return messages as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am grateful for all of the great experience I have earned during my time at ABC Company. I will miss everyone there but I know I have made a good decision. I wish ABC Company continued success and thank you for your patience and cooperation with me during this time.

Yours sincerely,

Shawna Pike

Shawna A. Pike


ABC Company