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New Business Announcement Letter

A new business announcement letter is written just before a company plans to open its doors. It is similar to a press release in that it provides publicity for the business, and is intended to generate excitement about a grand opening. The letter can be sent via regular mail or email, and might target potential customers, business associates or members of a city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Format and Content

A new business announcement letter format is formal just like other types of business letters are; however, its purpose is to engage the reader and make them want to visit the establishment. It will provide information about the business that is opening, to include the type of merchandise being sold or range of services offered. The letter will also provide information about the grand opening with a call to action for the reader to stop by in person.


This new business announcement letter sample is being written by the owner of a hunting and outdoor store to a potential customer. It talks a little bit about the products offered by the store as well as the time, date, and location of the store’s grand opening. The letter encourages the customer to stop by during the store’s first week in business for a discount off of all of his purchases.

Dear Mr. Bently:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the upcoming grand opening of my new retail establishment The Great Outdoor Store. In opening this new store, I am hoping to fill the needs of outdoor enthusiasts like yourself who enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and being close to nature.

The store offers a full line of fishing gear including rods and reels, sinkers, lures and live bait. You’ll find everything from tree stands to rifle cases, and can also pick up tents, sleeping bags and camp stoves for your outdoor excursions. There’s rugged outdoor apparel for men, women and children to choose from including hiking boots, gloves, rain gear and sunglasses as well.

We offer the best name-brand goods in the business, so you can be sure the products you buy from The Great Outdoor Store will be rugged and durable. Whenever possible, we also strive to stock merchandise that is made in the U.S.A. as well. We think you’ll find our selection and prices comparable to that of other big box outdoor stores in the area.

This store will officially open on September 1, 2013 at 10 a.m., and is located at 445 Backwoods Avenue here in Little Town. To welcome you as a new customer, we invite you to stop by during our first week in business in order to view our selection of top-quality merchandise. Bring this letter with you, and receive an additional 25% off your total purchase amount. We look forward to seeing you then.


Bob Bernstein

Bob Bernstein