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New Employee Announcement Letter

At times, it may be necessary to formally announce a new employee to a group. This can be the case whenever a new manager is hired for an organization as proper etiquette requires this individual to be introduced before arriving on the scene. It is also customary whenever a new salesperson is added to the staff or a new doctor or lawyer joins a particular practice. In these instances, a new employee announcement letter alerts others that this individual is coming, and serves as a formal introduction of his or her experience.

Format and Content

The new employee announcement letter format is more like that of a memorandum than it is a letter in that it is addressed to a group of people rather than an individual. It begins with a formal heading and then talks a little bit about the new employee and his or her experience in the body. The letter ends with a call to action asking that the group make this new employee feel welcome and a part of the team. It is normally written by someone in authority, usually the person responsible for making the hiring decision in the first place.


This new employee announcement letter sample is addressed to workers of a chain retail store letting them know of their new general manager’s arrival. The letter is being sent from corporate headquarters, and will be posted on the company bulletin board for everyone to read at his or her own leisure. It gives some information about the new manager’s background and experience so that employees will know a little bit about him before his arrival.

Date: August 20, 2013

From: Marvin Mullihan, Regional Vice President

To: All Employees at ABC Retail Store #333, Podunk, Ohio

Subject: Mr. Eddie Davis Hired as General Manager

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the general manager vacancy at your store location has been filled. Mr. Eddie Davis will be arriving on September 1, 2013, and will assume the position that was left available when Mrs. Sally Cook retired a few weeks ago.

Mr. Davis has been employed at the ABC retail store in Waterview, Missouri since May 2005. During his time there, Mr. Davis has served as the head of several departments, improving sales and decreasing the employee turnover rate in each one he was responsible for. His most recent assignment with the company was as Assistant Store Manager, a position he has held since August 2010.

In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Davis also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Calgary University, where he graduated with honors. He is currently pursuing his MBA, and is scheduled to receive his diploma in June 2014.

I am confident that in choosing Mr. Davis to fill this position, that ABC Retail Store has made an excellent choice, not only for your store location, but for the company as a whole. Please join me in making him feel welcome upon his arrival.


Marvin Mullihan

Mr. Marvin Mullihan

Regional Vice President