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No Interview Letter

A no interview letter is hard to write but much harder to receive. It states that a company does not believe a candidate is a good fit for a particular position and, therefore, does not wish to grant an interview. This letter is not a statement about an applicant’s skills and abilities. A hiring manager may send a no interview letter for several reasons, including a management decision not to fill the open position, another candidate has already been hired in the position, or the company received resumes from other candidates management feels are more qualified.

Format and Content:

A letter of this type can be sent by the person in charge of hiring for a position or by a department representative. The no interview letter format is brief and to the point. It should be written in a professional manner and include positive information only. Comments should be limited to those that are beneficial to the applicant, such as “we invite you to apply again in the future.” There is no need to include contact information since the letter is meant to end the employment opportunity for the position.


Here, the bearer of the bad news is the Human Resources Director. The sender opens by acknowledging the applicant is skilled and qualified, but quickly tells the applicant why he will not be called in for an interview. By linking the rejection to organizational needs, and by mentioning the high number of applicants, the sender hopes to lessen the sting of the rejection. This no interview letter sample is to the point and firm yet expresses the director’s condolences.

Dear Mr. Carlson,

Thank you for submitting your resume to AB Abbott Limited for the position of Communications Director. The managers in the hiring department studied your resume and were impressed with your past work experience and your proven skills and abilities. Your resume indicates you have the business acumen to go far in your chosen profession.

We regret to inform you however, that after careful consideration, we have decided not to schedule an interview with you at this time. We received a large number of resumes for this position, and we believe the experience and qualifications of other candidates are more closely aligned with our business needs.

I will keep your resume on file for a period of 1 year. AB Abbott Limited has aggressive growth and expansion plans for the next 5 years. Our recruiting department will notify you by email if your qualifications and experience is a close match to another position within our organization. You may also check our website for new job postings at

Again, thank you for your interest in our organization. We wish you success in your job search. Please feel free to submit your resume again for any open opportunities.


Carolyn Pierce

Carolyn Pierce

Human Resources Director

AB Abbott Limited