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Probation Termination Letter

Probation is often the last step before an employee’s position with the company is terminated. A probation termination letter is used to end the employer-employee relationship if the employee fails to abide by the conditions of probation.

Content and Format

A termination letter can be inflammatory if written incorrectly. The letter should focus on the facts, as supported by the evidence, to prevent a future wrongful termination claim. Keep the tone of the letter professional. It should contain the effective date of the termination and the manner in which the employee will receive his or her final paycheck. If the employee is entitled to benefits, include this information in the probation termination letter format, as well.


In this probation termination letter sample, the employee is being dismissed for a failure to abide by the conditions of his probation. He is asked to return all company property and to participate in an exit interview with the firing manager.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

On July 17, 2013 you were placed on probation due to a poor attitude and unsatisfactory work performance. At that time you were told that if you did not improve in these areas your employment with the company would be terminated. This letter is to inform you that you have not met your improvement goals as established in your probation letter and therefore, your employment with the company is terminated, effective today, October 1, 2013.

You have been employed with the company for less than a year. During that time you have received 3 written warnings concerning your hostile an abrupt attitude towards coworkers and clients. A condition of your probation stated that you were to complete a course in effective communications within 60 days. Although the company paid for the class, you failed to show up for the course.

Another condition of your probation involved submitting your weekly status reports by close of business each Friday. If these reports are late, it causes a clog in the production pipeline. Without these reports, accounting personnel cannot do their job, nor can the sales team. Although you stated you would improve in this area the record confirms that you are consistently 2 to 3 days late each week.

Please return all company-owned items by the close of business today, including your ID badge, your keys, and your company issued pager. At the end of this meeting you will be given an employee information package. This package contains information related to your eligibility for COBRA and the amounts of unused PTO that will be included with your final paycheck. You may pick up your final paycheck from your manager at the end of the day.

I believe we were very fair and have given you every opportunity to succeed with our organization. I would like to schedule an exit interview with you at 2 o’clock this afternoon. I am very interested in learning why you failed to take advantage of the remedies we offered. You may speak freely during this meeting. Our policy states that exit interviews are conducted on an anonymous basis. The forms you fill out will not contain identifiable information. I wish you well going forward.


Roger Hayworth

Mr. Roger Hayworth

Human Resource Manager

Jones and Smith Electronics