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Rental Agreement Letter

A rental agreement letter outlines the contract details between a tenant and a landlord. Rental agreements are signed by both parties and are legally binding contracts. The tenant has usually already discussed all of the information contained in the agreement with the landlord. This is a common document and a standard form is often used for multiple people in one building.

Format and Content

The rental agreement letter format is usually very standardized and is provided either by the leasing company or the specific community, such as an apartment complex. Rental agreements will include, most importantly, the price and time period of the lease. Other details such as security deposits, terms of renewal, and the due date for rent should also be included. Any rule the lease has(for example, no pets or parking specifics) should be in this letter. This letter may have additional helpful guidelines. Both parties will sign and keep a copy of the agreement.


This rental agreement letter sample is for a basic contract to rent a condo. The lease is very simple and the tenant is already aware of its terms. Usually, the signed letter is accepted with the initial deposit for the property. For more involved rental agreements or communities that have a lot of fine print rules, the tenant may wait a few days to review the document before signing.

Dear Ms. Stephens:

These are the terms of your rental agreement with Scott Leasing. The leasing company (landlord) agrees to rent the property located at Hidden Oak Community, 503B Magnolia Grove, Atlanta, Georgia to you (the tenant) for one year starting September 1, 2013. The rental agreement will end September 1, 2014 and is eligible for contract continuation after a home inspection.

The following terms must be agreed to:

1.First and last month rent as well as an initial security deposit of $100 must be received by September 1, 2013. The deposit will be returned at the termination of this agreement if no damage has been done to the property.

2.The monthly rental fee is $1500. Rent should be received by the 5th of every month. Rent can be paid in cash or by credit with a 2% fee for the transaction.

3.An additional fee of $200 is added for every week rent is late. If the rent goes unpaid for one month, the landlord will terminate the contract and remove the tenant.

4.No smoking is allowed in this building.

5.Pet policy: no more than two pets under 20 lbs. each.

6.No parking in the street. The studio next door will tow any vehicle in their space and we do not take responsibility for your vehicle when it is outside of your assigned space.

Please note: We do not require, but we do encourage you to let other tenants know if you will be having guests for parking and noise purposes.

Please sign this form and return it to our main office with the initial deposit. We look forward to you joining our community!

Richard Scott

Scott Leasing

I have read and understood this agreement and voluntarily accept the terms.


Michelle Stephens


Scott Leasing Representative

Date ________________________________