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Retirement Announcement Letter

A retirement announcement letter gives formal notice of a pending retirement. It serves basically the same purpose as a resignation letter does in that it alerts employers that a vacancy within the company will soon be available. It also serves as notice to the manager of the company’s Human Resource department that any benefits that are due to that employee should begin being processed.

Format and Content:

The retirement announcement letter format is very formal, as it serves as an official document to commemorate this occasion. It should include the reason for the retirement along with the date this decision will become effective. Even so, it should have a somewhat personal touch to it. The letter should be positive in tone, and mention some things that the individual has enjoyed about a particular company over the years.


This retirement announcement letter sample is being written by a teacher who has been instructing students at a particular school for over 30 years. She and her husband have both reached retirement age, and wish to travel and spend time with their grandchildren. The letter is addressed to the school superintendant, who is responsible for tracking teacher retirements and ensuring that their benefits packages are processed in a timely manner.

Dear Superintendant Morgan:

I am writing with mixed emotions to advise you of my pending retirement at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Although I have greatly enjoyed teaching here over the last 30 years, my husband and I now wish to spend more time traveling and visiting our grandchildren, and continuing to teach will make it impossible for us to do these things.

During my time here at Woodland Primary School, I have been honored to have played a role in the educational development of many young people. Seeing each one succeed in his or her own way has been extremely rewarding, and will be something I will miss tremendously. I am proud of the fact that I have taught multiple generations of the same family over the years as well.

I will also miss the camaraderie and support that yourself, Principal Jones and other faculty members have provided me with. While working here, I have always felt as though I were part of a family rather than just another employee. The relationships I have built with other members of the team here will be something I will continue to cherish for years to come.

Although I am leaving this institution, the academic success of the students here is something I continue to take pride in. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in helping my replacement transition into the classroom successfully, so that the needs of our children can continue to be met. Again, thank you for your leadership and support during my career as a teacher.


Betty Smith

Mrs. Betty Smith