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Sincere Resignation Letter

When you need to hand in your resignation from a job that you have enjoyed, you may feel very regretful and unsure of how to break the news to your employer. The most professional way to do this is by mail. You can send in a sincere resignation letter to tell your employers of your decision and assure them just how much you have appreciated them. The letter will most assuredly go into your permanent record, so check out the following tips to write it successfully.

Format and Content

A professional yet sincere resignation letter format will usually open with a formal greeting to your boss, followed by the facts about your resignation. It can also include an explanation of your reasons for leaving, if desired. Otherwise, you may simply state that you are leaving for personal reasons or health reasons. Use a formal, yet gracious tone and give your contact details as well as an expression of your sentiments. Close up your letter by saying a sincere thank you to your boss for the job opportunity and his or her cooperation with you.


If you are trying to come up with the right way to write a formal letter with sincerity, looking at an example can help you figure out how to get started. Here is a professional but sincere resignation letter sample from an employee who wishes to leave her job as gracefully as possible.

Sincere Resignation Letter SAMPLE

Dear Ms. Lopez,

I am writing this letter to regretfully inform you of my upcoming resignation from my position as project director at Smith Communications. I have recently received an offer for a new job that I believe will better help me to reach my career goals, so my last day at Smith Communications will be January 15, 2014. I ask that you accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. I am truly apologetic for any inconvenience that this may cause to you, the staff, or Smith Communications.

I would be delighted to do all in my power to help make this as smooth a transition as possible, including transferring responsibilities to the appropriate members, or selecting and prepping a replacement to take over for me. If you would like to discuss this matter with me any further, I would be happy to get in touch with you. My phone number is (555)-555-5555 and my email address is [email] I will look forward to your message.

I have truly appreciated all of the experience and opportunities I was able to gain during my time at Smith Communications. The work environment has been great and I will miss the rest of the team, though I look forward to what the future may hold for me. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Betty Caraway

Betty J. Caraway

Project Director

Smith Communications