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Teacher Termination Letter

Teachers are given a place of honor in society. Unfortunately, a few of these teachers fail to honor the trust awarded them by school officials and parents. In other cases, budget cuts and school closings make it necessary to end the employment relationship with highly qualified teachers. Regardless of the reason, a teacher termination letter is the proper way to notify a teacher that his or her employment with a particular school is ending.

Format and Content

The content of the teacher termination letter will depend upon the policies of the school district or the private school organization. The first paragraph contains a termination statement followed by the termination date. The tone and formality of the letter is dependent upon the reason for the dismissal. For example, a letter used to fire a teacher for misconduct is formal and straight to the point. Important information, such as the handling of the teacher’s final paycheck and any other benefits he or she may be entitled to receive, should also be a part of the teacher termination letter format.


This teacher termination lettersample is addressed to someone who is being let go from the charter school where she teaches a third-grade class. She is told her dismissal has nothing to do with her teaching ability, but rather, is due to low student enrollment and the impending closure of the school.

Dear Mrs. Richardson,

It is with regret that I must inform you that as of November 1, 2013, your position as a third-grade teacher at Springdale Elementary Charter Schoolwill be terminated. Although we had high hopes for our school it has become evident that we do not have the student enrollment needed to keep the school open. The school will officially close on December 20, 2013. Beginning on November 1,we will begin consolidating classes. After careful consideration, we have decided to release teachers based on their hire date. Unfortunately, you are one of the teachers with the least amount of seniority.

We realize that letting you go during a school year that is already in progress will make it difficult for you to secure another position in a timely manner. We are offering you a severance package equal to 7 weeks’ pay at your full pay rate. You will be given your final paycheck on your last day of employment. You will receive your severance pay on this date provided you sign and return the release waiver enclosed with this letter.

Due to parent feedback, we are confident that the low enrollment has nothing to do with the quality of our school, but rather, its newness to the community. We are in the process of putting a new marketing and advertising plan in place and plan to reopen in time for the 2014 -2015 school year. We are very impressed with your teaching skills and would welcome your return when we reopen.

Thank you for your dedication to the school and the students. Please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 if you have any questions. I will be happy to write you a letter of recommendation and to assist you in finding a new position in any way I can. I wish you all the best in your teaching career.


Arthur Buckley

Dr. Arthur Buckley

Education Director

Springdale Elementary Charter School