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Termination Letter from Employer

There are many reasons to justify firing an employee. The more serious cases require extra care when drafting the termination letter. It is always a good idea to have an expert in employment law proof the termination letter from employer before sending.

Format and Content

The termination letter from employer format should include necessary information only and include the reason the employee is being dismissed, the date the dismissal takes effect,and how and when the employee will receive his or her final paycheck. For some positions, it may be necessary to include a statement about the return of company property. For serious violations, the letter may include the employer’s intention to seek legal remedies.


The employee in the termination letter from employer sample is being fired for misusing the company’s customer database and for attempting to lure customers away for his own private business. The violation is serious because his actions may jeopardize the welfare of the company and the employment security of other employees.

Dear Mr. Jamieson,

This letter is to inform you that we are terminating your employment with JCS Unlimited. Your termination is effective immediately. We are letting you go due to gross misconduct on your part and for the misuse of company property. We have documented evidence of your misconduct as well as recorded statements from other employees and our customers.

On March 15, 2013, you contacted Mr. Samuel Smith at ParkwayServices and suggested that you could offer a better price for his janitorial supplies. On March 17, you did the same with Mrs. Alvada Johnson at Smith Pest Control. Both individuals called to report your actions on the dates you contacted them. You retrieved their contact information from the customer files of JCS Unlimited. As per our employee handbook, customer information is never to be used for any reason other than company business.

We have written affidavits from severalof your coworkers stating that you have recently started your own janitorial supply business. We investigated this allegation and found that you did indeed register a new janitorial business with the city on February 13, 2013. We found a web site with the name of your company and copied content from the JCS Unlimited web site. Your actions are in direct violation of the non-compete clause you signed when hired. Moreover, taking customer contact information from our database and using copyrighted materials without permission equates to theftof intellectualproperty.

We fully intend to continue with our investigation until we are satisfied that we know the full scope of your misconduct. After reading this letter, you will be given the opportunity to collect your personal belongings and then you will be escorted from the building. You will be given a letter detailing any remaining pay you have coming and any accrued benefits you are owed. Please be advised your case may be handed over to the police depending on the outcome of our investigation.


Janet Peterson

Mrs. Janet Peterson, HR Manager

JCS Unlimited