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Termination Letter Without Cause

Employees may be terminated from employment for a variety of reasons. Employment at will policies allow employers to let employees go without providing a cause. This type of termination letter informs the employee of the company’s decision without accepting or casting blame.

Format and Content

The advantage of this format is the ‘at will’ wording that is in agreement with many company hiring and termination policies. Because a cause is not listed, the letter can be used to fire an employee who has violated company policies and an employee who is being let go for another reason. The letter should include the date of the termination, when and how the employee will receive his or her last paycheck, and any other relevant information related to benefit payments, insurance coverage, and severance pay, if applicable.


Although the employee addressed in this letter is being dismissed from employment it is clear she has served as a valuable member of the company’s workforce. A reason for the termination is not given. Instead, the letter focuses on the information of most value to the employee.

Dear Martha,

As per our meeting on February 5, your employment with Seaside Hospitality will be terminated effective February 15, 2013. Your dismissal is in line with our at will termination policy. According to this policy, either party may terminate the employee employer relationship without notice and without cause. This letter is a written confirmation of everything we discussed during our in person meeting.

On February 10, 2013 you will attend another meeting, during which, you will be given a severance package. You are entitled to 2 weeks of severance pay for every year that you have worked at Seaside Hospitality. According to our records, you will receive a total of 10 weeks of severance pay at your full pay rate. You will receive your severance paycheck on your last day of employment provided you have returned the signed release waiver contained in your packet. You will receive your final paycheck on your last day with the company.

Your eligibility under COBRA will be explained during the February 10 meeting, along with your options regarding your 401(k) plan. You will receive information related to the amount you will receive as payment for earned and unused PTO. During this informational meeting you are encouraged to ask questions. Please feel free to contact the HR representative assigned to you to take advantage of employment counseling or to ask any questions you may have following the meeting. The name and number of your representative is listed in your information packet.

Thank you for your years of loyal service to this company. Your exit from the company is on good terms; therefore, we encourage you to investigate employment opportunities at the other company owned properties. You may visit the company intranet for a list of open positions or you may ask your HR representative for a list of openings within your field of expertise and in your preferred geographic location. I wish you all the best in the future.


Alex Forney

Mr. Alex Forney

Managing Director

Seaside Hospitality