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Apology Letter to Coworker

There are times when people offend others, get into arguments, or otherwise cause a problem. When you work with someone closely for many hours, day in and day out, it is easy to find yourself amidst strife. After you have hurt or offended a colleague, you should send an apology letter to coworker in order to help the situation. Since you have to work together so often, it behooves you to have a healthy relationship with your coworkers. Apology letters are great tokens to help begin the process of healing a relationship, but you must follow them with action.

Format and Content

The format for an apology letter to coworker should be formal and concise. You should always include content that demonstrates you understand why and how you have hurt or offended your colleague. Additionally, you should show him or her that you plan to make amends in some way. Your coworker will also want to know that you will never act in the same manner again. When you write your letter, always ensure it is heartfelt and sincere.


When Mattie got in a fight with Karen over the length of her breaks, Mattie knew she needed to do something to fix their working relationship. They worked close together, and it was the benefit to the company for them to not fight. In the following apology letter to coworker sample, you can read what Mattie wrote to help end the fight before it got out of hand.

Dear Karen,

I would like to offer you my sincerest apologies. When I mentioned to you that your breaks were getting longer than allowed, I did not mean to offend you, nor make you mad. I just wanted to inform you in case you were unaware that you were taking so long. I did not want to get you in trouble by telling a supervisor or having one notice. I wanted to come to you first hand. I did not expect it to lead to a fight, and for that I am truly, truly sorry.

Karen, I should not have lost my temper. There is no excuse for my actions and my attitude towards you. I know that it has damaged our working relationship. I hope to find a way to fix our relationship so that we can work together again. We make a really great team. My hope is that this letter will be the first step in fixing what I have broken.

I have every intention of making sure that I never act in that way towards you again. It was unprofessional and hurtful. Please let me know how I can help atone for my mistakes. I want us to have an open and honest forum that will create a healthy working relationship. We are the power duo, working better than anyone else on our team. Please accept my sincerest apologies for my actions.


Mattie McDougall