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Appeal Letter for Unemployment Disqualification

When writing an appeal letter for unemployment disqualification it is important to first read all of the information that the state unemployment office sends you and follow the appeal instructions precisely. After completing any paperwork required by the state, write a summary of your situation explaining why you believe you are entitled to unemployment benefits despite being disqualified. Most letters of this type go to the state labor department for consideration.

Format and Content

Start an appeal letter for unemployment disqualification format by briefly stating the reason you are writing the letter and include any specific information required by the state.Also state the date you received your disqualification notice and attach a copy of the letter. Explain the reason you think you should not be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits and provide a point-by-point argument disputing any statute the state has cited as a reason for your disqualification. If you have witnesses, include their names and contact information and any written statements they have made on your behalf. Do not forget to sign the letter and include your case number.


An individual who was fired from his job for being late to an important offsite project could write this appeal letter for unemployment disqualification sample. The individual states that he arrived at the job site on time and left to go back to the company warehouse to pick up some additional supplies. His supervisor argues that he never came to the site and was extremely late causing the work to begin behind schedule and costing the company significant loss of revenue.

Dear Mr. Franklin,

I am writing this letter to appeal the decision by the State Labor Department of Wyoming to disqualify me from receiving unemployment benefits. My Case is 00120034 and the date I received my disqualification notice was September 10, 2013. A copy of my notice is attached to this letter. I respectfully protest the results of my unemployment disqualification.

I have been dismissed from my job and denied unemployment benefits because my supervisor reported that I came to a job site very late on Aug. 25,2013. He states that my tardiness kept the team from working and cost the company money. In fact, I arrived at the job site early and saw that some of the supplies and equipment were not there. I left the site and drove to the company warehouse to retrieve the missing items. When I returned to the work site the crew was waiting for the equipment I had. My supervisor accused me of being late and told me I was fired. I tried to explain that I was not late but he would not listen.I filed for unemployment benefits but was disqualified due to being fired for cause.

I have 2 witnesses, Craig Reynolds and Marty Smith who saw me arrive early and leave again to go to the warehouse for equipment and supplies that should have already been at the site. They are willing to testify on my behalf in a hearing. I would like to request a hearing so that I can have an opportunity to present my case and have the State reconsider my unemployment disqualification.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jack Jones

Jack M. Jones