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Letter of Appreciation for Good Service

Customers are quick to contact an organization’s management when they experience poor service; however they are not as quick to tell the management about employees who provide outstanding service. If you want to make sure a company’s representative is recognized for an exceptional job, sending a letter of appreciation for good service is the best thing to do. Typically, the human resources department will put a copy of the letter in the employee’s file.

Format and Content

A letter of appreciation for good service format should include the employee’s name, the department in which he or she works, the date or dates that the exceptional service took place and details about exactly what the employee did to impress you enough to write a letter to the management of the company or organization. The letter should be addressed to the employee’s supervisor, manager or other superior and mailed or delivered to the establishment.


Letters commending individuals for providing extraordinary service can be written in any industry. This letter of appreciation for good service sample is from the parents of astudent who was struggling in his math class. He was helped by attending tutoring classes after school at a learning center.

Dear Dr. McDonald,

We are the parents of Jeffrey Freeman, a 3rd grader from XYZ Elementary School who has struggled with math concepts since kindergarten. We finally had Jeffrey tested over the summer, before he started 3rd grade, and he was diagnosed with a mild form of dyscalculia. Combine that with a very active little boy who would rather play outside than sit at home at the dining room table agonizing over math problems, and you have a very challenging situation.

Jeffrey’s assistant principal referred us to ABC Learning Center where Jeffrey’s test scores were evaluated and he was assigned to Marcus Banks for math tutoring. Marcus is an accounting student at ABC University who works at your facility 3 afternoons a week, and he changed Jeffrey’s attitude about math. The techniques Marcus employed to help Jeffrey understand math, such as creating football plays, made the process interesting to Jeffrey. Marcus showed our son that working out math problems can be fun, and that was a giant first step.

Marcus understood Jeffrey’s disability and taught him ways to get around it. He cannot make the disability go away, but he can learn how to function differently to compensate for it. That is exactly what Marcus taught Jeffrey, along with an appreciation for math, how math can be useful in daily life and how to view solving math problems as a game that can be fun. Marcus Banks’ talent for math tutoring has made a life changing impact on our son and we will be forever grateful to him and to your facility.

With Many Thanks,

Alan and Maria Freeman

Alan and Maria Freeman