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Letter of Appreciation for Support Staff

Some companies forget that their support staff is the grease that keeps all the company parts moving. They may not be the decision makers or the contract signers, but the company operations would come to a screeching halt without the support staff. It is a nice gesture to compose a letter of appreciation for the support staff at the end of the year, following a big company event or at some other special occasion.

Format and Content

Whether it is written in regards to a particular event or just in general, a letter of appreciation for the support staff format can include each person by name if the company is small enough. It is vital, however, that no name is left off the left. If there are too many people on the staff to mention by name, a collective letter is acceptable, and it can be read aloud at a company event.


Asmall law firm just celebrated 10 years in practice, and at aChristmas luncheon recognized the support staff. This letter of appreciation for the support staff sample was read aloud by the senior partner. He especially wanted to praise the staff for helping organize a recent Open House.

Oliver T. Wendell

William S. Grant

Miranda V. Alexander

Wendell, Grant and Alexander, LLC

1000 South Main Street

Little Rock, AK 33333


Christina Bradford

Ethan Cole

Sophia Hudson

Ava Parkers

Jacob Richards

Emma Taylor

Wendell, Grant and Alexander, LLC

Support Staff

1000 South Main Street

Little Rock, AK 33333

December 20, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now, as we celebrate the firm’s 10th year in practice, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the 6 of you for your consistently outstanding job performance. We are particularly appreciative of the exceptional job you all did in the planning, organizing and executing of the Open House we had earlier this month to recognize 10 years in business. All of our clients who attended commented on what a spectacular event it was, and we are especially grateful that you made it all happen within the specified budget.

One of the things that we appreciate most about the 6 of you is your ability to work as a team. You constantly back each other up, pitch in to help each other when one of you is faced with a large project and take up the slack when one is out sick or on vacation. When we talk to other attorneys in town, we find that we are extremely fortunate to have a support staff that gets along as well as the 6 of you.

We have had some challenging cases this year, and some excellent wins, which could not have come about without the support of all of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to another decade of success. Please share in our success by accepting the enclosed $1,000 check as a token of our appreciation as we celebrate 10 years in practice, and your part in making it extraordinary.

With Sincere Gratitude,


O.T. Wendell

Bill Grant

Mandy Alexander