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Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is often used for insurance, loan, medical, business and personal reasons. Simply put, an authorization letter is used in order for another person to have permission to perform some type of work or task on your behalf. It may be something as simple as giving a friend permission to enter your home while you are away, or to give a lawyer the okay to access resources.

Unless you are writing an informal authorization letter to a relative or friend, you need to understand how to write a more formal authorization letter for business purposes.

1. Address the recipient.

Type the name and address of the recipient in the upper left-hand corner of the page, 4 to 6 spaces down from the top margin. Include their full address and even contact information, so that there is no confusion about who is designated to perform the task.

2. Introduction.

In the first paragraph of your authorization letter, make it clear who you are assigning the permission or responsibility to. Clarify the exact permission you are granting and why the designated person has authority.

3. Main body.

In the main body of your letter, mention briefly all responsibilities that are being granted to the recipient. Leave nothing to question; spell every detail out so that the recipient clearly understands what they are to do.

4. Close your letter.

In the last paragraph, mention the current date and specify the exact time period for which the recipient is permitted to perform the work or activity.

Sign your full name after writing your authorization letter, and include any contact information you feel is necessary.

Authorization Letter Sample

Recipient’s name


City, State, Zip

Contact Information (email address, phone number)

Introductory paragraph

In this paragraph, state your name, along with the name of the recipient to whom permission or responsibility is being given. Clarify exactly what the recipient has been granted permission to do, and why.

Main body

In the central portion of your authorization letter, define all responsibilities of the recipient so that no area remains unclear. Make certain that the recipient can clearly understand all that they are responsible for.

Closing paragraph

In the last paragraph of your authorization letter, define the time period for which the recipient will hold responsibility. This should have a clear starting date and ending date, whether it is for weeks, months or longer.

Sincerely, Respectfully

Your name

Always sign your name by hand above your typed signature, and then proofread your letter to check for spelling and grammar errors, and to make certain that all terms are correct. Make a few copies before sending your authorization letter to the recipient.