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Business School Recommendation Letter

Business school recommendation letters are typically used by high school teachers or college professors for students applying to various business school programs. The recommendation letters can be used by students wishing to attend university business or accounting schools, smaller community college business programs or Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs.


This is a sample business school recommendation letter from a college professor on behalf of a student who is graduating from a community college and applying for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program at a university. The student plans to complete graduate school and take the certified public accountant test.

Dear Dean Cranford:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Brian Wood who is applying for admittance to the Masters of Business Administration Program at the XYZ University School of Accounting and Business. I had the privilege of teaching Brian in first and second year accounting classes as well as business administration and business ethics classes. He excelled in all of my classes, demonstrated a keen understanding of business and accounting principles and made worthy contributions to class discussions.

Along with several of his classmates, Brian started the first Entrepreneurship Club at ABC Community College which has come to be a popular club among the business majors. Brian has been instrumental in growing the club’s membership by securing speaking engagements free of charge from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our community. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and business leaders have willingly come forward to advise students in business matters and offer life lessons.

Brian also believes in giving back to the community. He has volunteered to work on the ABC Chamber of Commerce membership drive every summer for the last four years. As a Chamber volunteer Brian contacts businesses that are not members to explain the benefits the Chamber has to offer both new and established companies in the county. An avid runner, Brian is on the ABC Community College cross country track team and he raises money every year by participating in our county’s Relay for Life 5km run to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Brian has attended ABC Community College for the last four years on an academic scholarship and aspires to be a certified public accountant. He has supplemented his scholarship funding by working part-time in the Small Business Administration Department at the college where he offers basic accounting and financial planning advice to individuals considering opening a new business. Brian has an astute business sense and strong work ethic.

Based on his exemplary college career thus far, I highly recommend Brian Wood for admittance to the Masters of Business Administration Program at XYZ University. As a graduate of the program myself, I am confident that Brian is the type of student you would be pleased to have as an MBA candidate. Please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 should you have further questions or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,

Patrick Bishop

Patrick Bishop, Ph.D.

ABC Community College

Department of Business and Accounting