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CEO Recommendation Letter

A CEO is a chief executive officer, or the top leader of a company, and a CEO recommendation letter can be written by almost anyone. Often, such a recommendation letter would be written by another respected CEO or someone in a high level administrative position in a company or corporation.


This sample CEO recommendation letter is written by the CEO of a fitness company on behalf of a vice president of an athletic equipment company. The vice president is being considered for the CEO position at her company, and this letter is for the chairman of the board of directors.

Dear Chairman Ross:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Rebecca Taylor whom I believe would make an outstanding CEO for XYZ Athletic Equipment Company. I have worked with Rebecca for the past 18 years, and she has been instrumental in helping me build the ABC Fitness Company I inherited from my family. We started out with one location when I took over the company and now have fifteen locations in six cities and two states. Rebecca has been with me every step of the way offering advice and ensuring that we have had the latest in top notch athletic equipment for our members. She is a detail-oriented, highly accessible executive who has always made my job easier.

It is my understanding that the Board of Directors of XYZ Athletic Equipment Company will be making a decision on filling the currently vacant position of CEO in the next few weeks and that many on the board desire to promote from within the company to fill the position. When I first met Rebecca she was in equipment sales, and I have watched her quickly and steadily climb the corporate ladder to her present position of executive vice president. She has worked successfully in virtually every management position in the company, and this wide variety of experience makes her an excellent candidate for the top executive spot.

I have witnessed Rebecca’s executive talent on many occasions. She is a visionary in her industry, yet highly approachable by junior staff. I have watched her listen to the ideas of employees on the front lines and use their experiences to formulate successful strategies that have helped XYZ Athletic Equipment Company to achieve and maintain a position as a leader in the industry. She has insight and gifts that surpass her years, a competitive nature and determination that cannot be beat, and has earned the respect of everyone in the company.

It is my pleasure to recommend Rebecca Taylor for the position of CEO of XYZ Athletic Equipment Company. Her high level of expertise, healthy self-confidence and excellent leadership skills combine to make her the very best person for the job in my opinion. I am happy to discuss Rebecca’s qualifications in more detail, and am available to meet with the Board if necessary. Please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or at [email]

Yours Respectfully,

John Sanders

John C. Sanders


ABC Fitness Company