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CNA Reference Letter

A certified nurse assistant who is seeking a position at any number of healthcare facilities such as a hospital, a clinic, an outpatient surgical center or a physician’s practice may find a referral letter helpful. It is best if the letter is written by a supervising nurse, a physician or someone in administration who can speak authoritatively to the CNA’s job performance. It should also include an special certifications the applicant holds such as CPR.

Format and Content

Using a CNA reference letter format, the writer should specify the particular position and specialty area for which the CNA is applying. Any awards or accommodations the applicant has received for outstanding job performance can be included as well. A nursing supervisor or administrator can use the letter to discuss how the applicant functions on a daily basis. It is important to have someone proofread the letter carefully to make sure there are no errors.


This CNA reference letter sample is written by a nursing supervisor in a large urban hospital for a CNA who has moved and wishes to work at a community hospital near her home. The letter is for a nurse administrator who is responsible for hiring CNAs at the community hospital.

Dear Nurse Administrator Hudson:

I would like to recommend Bridget Johnson for the open position of CNA at your facility. Bridget came to XYZ Regional Medical Center right out of technical school where she graduated with honors. She actually performed her clinical hours here while still in school and also passed her certification exam with excellent numbers. Although I am saddened at the thought of losing Bridget to another facility, she and her husband have recently bought a home close to ABC Community Hospital and she would like to make a transition to your facility so that she can work closer to home. I understand and support her decision.

Bridget has worked in several areas at XYZ Regional and she has excelled in every one. She has always been willing to work on any floor, with any type of patient and during any shift. Her cooperative attitude and team mentality has served our patients well. She began her career at XYZ 6 years ago in the emergency room where she assisted with trauma cases and demonstrated the ability to remain calm under pressure. After 2 years in the ER she moved to the surgical floor where she worked for a year. The last 3 years she has been working in our pediatric wing and has displayed a gift for making children laugh in spite of their injuries and illnesses. Bridget will be sorely missed by both staff and patients.

It is my pleasure to refer Bridget Johnson to you and I hope you will consider her to fill the available position of CNA at ABC Community Hospital. Should you have further questions regarding Bridget’s job performance I will be happy to speak with you. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Gail Stanley

Gail M. Stanley, R.N.

Nurse Administrator

XYZ Regional Medical Center