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COR Appointment Letter

COR is an acronym for Contracting Officer Representative. A COR is the person assigned to oversee the technical or administrative aspects of a formal contract. A COR is usually assigned to oversee complex contracts, such as those pertaining to construction. The COR appointment letter notifies an individual that he or she has been selected as COR and outlines the importance of the designation.

Format and Content:

The COR appointment letter format contains several parts, including notice of designation, responsibilities, exclusions and a firm statement of the consequences in the event of violation. This letter serves as a general overview to the formal document sent with the letter. It should give the designated individual contact information and a deadline for signing the returned documents.


This COR appointment letter sample is written to inform an individual that he has been selected as the COR for a specific project. This letter explains in detail the importance of the designation, and the importance of understanding all of the provisions of the designation before signing the formal agreement. This letter encourages the designee to seek professional advice before signing the document.

Dear Mr. Fleming,

This letter is to inform you that you have been selected as the COR for the Washington-Smith project, contract number________________ . Enclosed, you will find a document entitled COR Responsibilities and Limitations. Please read this document very carefully, as it pertains to your designation as COR, your specific responsibilities and the responsibilities that fall outside of your authority. This COR designation may only be changed by a contract modification and written notification to all concerned parties.

The enclosed COR Responsibilities and Limitations document outlines the specific items that fall under your control during the project. These items include, but are not limited to, developing contract specifications, monitoring contractors’ performance, assuring the project remains on schedule and on budget, communicating any issues that may impact the contract or schedule to the Contracting Officer, evaluating contractor requests, and furnishing the Contracting Officer with a copy of all reports and correspondence pertaining to this contract.

Responsibilities that fall outside of your authority include, but are not limited to, any written or verbal commitment to a third party, soliciting proposals, approving costs or provisions not included in the contract, making decisions or changes that affect the contract, executing agreements beyond the scope of the contract, providing guidance that might be interpreted as a change in the contract, and discussing provisions of the contract or providing information that may be perceived as preferential treatment to one contractor over another.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (555)-555-5555 to discuss within 48 hours of receiving this letter. I must receive the signed documents no later than August 10, 2013. We take violations of the COR Responsibilities and Limitations very seriously. Any violation threatens the reputation of the company and may result in monetary loss. We encourage you to seek the advice of a professional, or our office, before signing the COR Responsibilities and Limitations designation, as we will hold you liable and accountable for your performance.


Sharilyn Walker

Mrs. Sharilyn Walker

Contracting Officer

Morris Field & Company