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Dean Recommendation Letter

A dean of students serves as a liaison between students, the administration and the community, and a dean recommendation letter can be from a colleague, a superior in the education hierarchy or another member of the community. Deans may serve on the elementary, middle, high school, college or university level.


This sample dean recommendation letter is for someone who currently serves as a dean of students at a community college, and it is written by the college president. The individual is applying for a position as a dean of studentsat a larger university with more responsibility and higher pay.

Dear President Jefferson:

I am writing this letter to recommend Dr. James Andrews for the position of Dean of Students at XYZ University. He has been the Dean of Students here at ABC Community College for the past seven years where the student body has benefitted tremendously from his energy, accessibility and unique skill set. Dr. Andrews is well-liked and respected by the student body and is highly regarded by leaders and residents in the community.

Dr. Andrews has been instrumental in the revision of several of the academic programs at ABC Community College, and has done an excellent job of articulating the changes to faculty and students. He is an expert at working with faculty to fine tune their workload plans as well as their long-range professional development goals. He has always risen to the occasion when assigned additional responsibilities due to unexpected circumstances.

As we both know, budget issues are a major concern at all colleges and universities. Dr. Andrews has done an exemplary job of overseeing the allocation and expenditure of our monetary resources. He has also done an excellent job of working with our various Chairs to encourage grant applications by faculty members as well as played a major role in preparing proposals for outside funding of some of our special projects.

In addition, Dr. Andrews has had a hugely positive impact on promoting diversity on campus throughout his tenure here at ABC Community College. He has played an integral part in creating a college environment where diversity thrives. Students have learned to respect one another’s differences and take responsibility for the consequences of their words and actions. Dr. Andrews commitment to diversity has made ABC Community College more pleasant for all students.

We are proud to have had Dr. Andrews serve as a representative on our state regulatory and accrediting agency. He is highly regarded in academic circles here, but seeks to work in a larger university with more academic and professional challenges. It is my honor to recommend Dr. James Andrews for the position of Dean of Students at XYZ University. I am confident that your institution will benefit and be greatly enhanced by his dedication and unique talents. Please contact me should you have questions or wish to further discuss Dr. Andrews’ qualifications. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


George Adams

George P. Adams, Ph.D.


ABC Community College