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Dental Hygienist Reference Letter

Dental hygienist reference letters are meant for certain individuals who clean patients’ teeth, take jaw x-rays and handle other procedures that do not require the attention of a dentist. These kinds of letters can be written by anyone for the purpose of recommending a licensed dental hygienist for a job.


This is a sample dental hygienist reference letter for a professional hygienist who is relocating to another state due to her husband’s recent job transfer. She needs to find another job in the city where she is moving. This reference letter is written by the dentist who is her current employer.

Dear Dr. Evans:

I am writing this letter to recommend Jill Richards for the dental hygienist position that is available at your practice. She has been one of my staff hygienists for the past 8 years and has done an exemplary job. Her husband has been transferred to XYZ City due to a promotion with his company and Jill has applied for the open position at your office. I am very sad to see Jill leave my practice but am confident that she will find success in her career wherever she goes.

Jill came to my office right out of college and has become an integral part of the day-to-day operation of my practice. She is always on time, rarely calls in sick and does excellent work on all patients. She has been quick to learn how to operate new equipment every time we have upgraded, easily adapts to new office policies and procedures and is thorough and efficient when documenting patient files. Jill is well-liked and respected by her co-workers and is always willing to pitch in and help another hygienist or members of the office staff during exceptionally busy times.

One of Jill’s special gifts is her ability to work well with any patient. She is kind and compassionate with our elderly patients; quick, efficient and straightforward with business people who are on tight schedules; and humorous and animated with small children who are intimidated by the lights, noises and equipment. Jill has a talent for making virtually any patient feel relaxed and comfortable which is quite an accomplishment at a dental office.

In addition to doing an excellent job at the office, Jill is one of my team of hygienists who work at health fairs in our community. She also visits local elementary schools to educate children about proper care of teeth and gums, the importance of dental health and the consequences of neglecting teeth and gums. Jill is an articulate speaker who also represents our practice from time to time at Chamber of Commerce events and other local business associations.

It is with sorrow that I see Jill go; however I highly recommend her for the dental hygienist position at your office. You would be fortunate to have someone of her caliber working in your practice. Please contact me should you have questions at (555)-555-5555 or [email]


Charles Coleman

Charles E. Coleman, D.M.D.

ABC Dental Care, LLC