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Executive Assistant Recommendation Letter

An executive assistant recommendation letter is usually for an individual who assists a company president, vice president, department head or other executive in an upper management position. It is often written by a current or former employer, but can be written by anyone who is familiar with the assistant’s work.


This sample executive assistant recommendation letter is written for a person who serves as an assistant for a director of a continuing education department at a suburban community college. She is relocating due to her husband’s job change and is applying for a similar position with a larger urban college.

Dear Dr. Bridges:

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Bailey Williams to you to fill the position of executive assistant in the Continuing Education Department of ABC City University. She has done a superb job as my assistant here at XYZ Community College, and she will be sorely missed. Bailey is leaving us to follow her husband to the city to a wonderful job opportunity, and although we are sorry to see her go, we know that she will find the right place for her unique skill set and many talents.

Bailey has worked diligently as my administrative assistant for the past three years. Dedicated and meticulous, she supervises my administrative staff with efficiency and professionalism. She is an expert at handling all manner of reports, presentations and computer applications. Additionally, she supervises all of the interns who work in the department each semester. Bailey skillfully fields questions and provides detailed information for students and other members of the community who take part in the wide array of continuing education courses offered through our department.

A highly effective multi-tasker, Bailey expertly handles a tremendously heavy workload. She stays on top of all courses being offered through the department, vets the instructors, assists with the development of instructional materials and ensures that all classrooms contain adequate supplies. Any time Bailey has been asked to handle additional responsibilities, she has complied enthusiastically. Whenever clerical staff members have had workloads that were overflowing, Bailey always jumped in energetically to help them plow through the work and meet every deadline.

Bailey is particularly well-liked by the students who benefit from the highly affordable continuing education courses provided by our department. She is very popular among the senior citizens in the community who qualify for free courses, and she is respected by the various instructors who contribute to the exciting courses offered each semester. The title of executive assistant does not properly describe all of Bailey’s responsibilities. She has been my right hand during her time at XYZ Community College, and will be extremely difficult to replace.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Bailey’s job performance. Please feel free to contact me by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I hope you will give Bailey Williams the serious consideration she deserves for this important position.


Spencer Johnson

Spencer D. Johnson, Ph.D.


Continuing Education Department

XYZ Community College