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Field Trip Permission Letter

A field trip permission letter is given to parents by teachers or other youth workers to obtain permission for their child to travel with the school for class field trips. Whether a child is traveling out of the city or just across town, it is always in the school’s best interest to obtain this consent form from the parents.

Format and Content

It is important that a field trip permission letter provide the parents with all the appropriate information about the field trip or field trip(s) that will be taken throughout the year at the school. This information should include where the child will be traveling, with whom the child will be traveling and the contact information of teachers or youth workers that will be escorting the children on the field trips. This letter format should be only semi-formal and include all of the information that the parent will need in the event of an emergency.


The following field trip permission letter sample is for a class field trip to the Coca-Cola Factory, which is an hour away from where the students go to school at Kary Middle School in Kary, Missouri. This class field trip will involve the students riding a bus with their teachers and assigned escorts. This letter is from Mary Price, the 8th grade teacher, to all of her students’ parents.

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Kary Middle School, I am writing you to seek your permission for your child to participate in a class field trip to the Coca-Cola Factory in Washington, Missouri, on next Friday, which is the 30th of this month. We will be leaving the school at nine o’ clock in the morning after your children have arrived safely to their classrooms. We will then all make our way to the buses and head to the Coca-Cola Factory in Washington. There will be a total of eight youth workers who will act as escorts for your children to ensure the safety of the entire class during this field trip.

The school has informed me that this field trip will involve one short stop at the Washington Shopping Center, where your children will eat lunch. Please make sure your child has sufficient lunch money with him/her to eat at this stop. The school has also informed me that the students will be allowed to participate in a taste testing at the Coca-Cola Factory while we are there. If you have any concerns about your child participating in this field trip or I have failed to cover something that is unclear to you, please contact me as soon as possible.

If you are willing to consent to your child going on this field trip, please sign the consent form found below. If you have any questions about liabilities, please contact me at my number found above or contact the school office at (555)-555-5555.



Mrs. Price

8th Grade Teacher

Kary Middle School

Parental Consent Form

I hereby consent to my child participating in all class activities and field trips at Kary Middle School within the school year of 2013-2014.

Parent Name:


Parent Signature:


Child’s Full Name: