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Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Letter

Most awards of financial aid come with a grade requirement and when that requirement is not met, the financial aid is usually discontinued. When there are extenuating circumstances that contributed to low grades and the revoking of a financial aid award, a student might consider writing a financial aid reinstatement appeal letter.

Format and Content

The letter should address the specific financial aid counselor who will consider the appeal. In the course of the financial aid reinstatement appeal letter format, the student should explain why she was unable to make the required grades, what she plans to do in future semesters to raise her grades and how losing the financial aid will negatively impact her education. Any required appeal forms and supporting documentation should be attached to the letter. If possible, deliver the letter to the financial aid office and try to meet the counselor face-to-face.


One of the most common reasons among students for a sudden drop in grades is an illness or injury. This financial aid reinstatement appeal letter sample explains a student’s serious injury in an automobile accident and how it caused her grades to drop below the acceptable level to maintain her financial aid.

Dear Ms. Richards,

I am writing this letter to appeal for my financial aid to be reinstated. I realize that I have a grade point average of 2.8 and that the required GPA for maintaining financial aid is 3.0; however I do have extenuating circumstances.

On November 22, 2013, at the beginning of the Thanksgiving break, my boyfriend and I were driving home from school when we were hit by a drunk driver. My boyfriend was killed in the accident and I sustained a broken leg and head trauma. A university representative, Ms. Janet Jones, visited me several times in the hospital and was extremely helpful in letting my parents and I know about resources available to assist students in such situations. I was under the impression that my financial aid grade requirements would be suspended for fall semester as long as I maintained good enough grades to remain in school.

My professors were wonderful about calling me, offering help and emailing my assignments. I did my very best to keep up although I had to go through some rehabilitation for my head trauma and deal with the devastating loss of my boyfriend. The counseling services provided by the university were very helpful during my recovery. I expect to be back to my usual level of studying when school starts back in January.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of the assistance that has been provided to me by the university during this extremely trying time. I almost hate to ask for something else as the university has been so good to me through this ordeal, but if I do not have my financial aid reinstated I will have to transfer to the community college in my home town in order to afford the cost of continuing my education. Please consider my request. I will be happy to come to your office for a meeting at your convenience.


Sally Waits

Sally C. Waits