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Financial Reference Letter

A financial reference letter is used to notify a financial institution that an individual or company is in good standing. The letter may serve several purposes such as helping an individual obtain a loan to start a new business or assisting an established company in opening another branch.


The purpose of this sample financial reference letter is to assist a business in obtaining a loan in a neighboring state for the reason of opening a second location in that state. The letter is being sent from a small community bank to a larger national bank in the neighboring state.

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am writing this letter on behalf of AFL Bakery and Catering Services, Inc. and the corporation’s owner and chief executive officer, Anna F. Lewis. Her company has been highly successful in Atlanta, Georgia serving many customers all over the state. The company has begun to serve a number of customers in Tennessee and would like to open a branch bakery and catering service in Chattanooga. All of the company’s monetary assets are here at XYZ Community Bank and I can personally attest to the company’s financial strength and stability.

Ms. Lewis obtained her initial loan for her commercial kitchen equipment from XYZ Community Bank when she first opened the business 12 years ago. She was never late with an installment and paid the loan in full in the required 5 year time frame. A talented baker with a degree in business administration, Ms. Lewis has proven to be a savvy business woman with a flair for creatively marketing her product. She has been conservative with her finances and has not acquired excessive debt. After the loan for her commercial kitchen equipment was paid she invested and saved a considerable amount of her profits to put toward a down payment on a building.

Four years ago Ms. Lewis obtained a loan from XYZ Community Bank to purchase her own building in a high traffic area of Atlanta. She has never been late with any of her payments on the building loan. The location of the business combined with her high quality products have helped her business grow exponentially. A second location is a wise business decision. Suffice it to say that AFL Bakery and Catering Service is an excellent risk for your ABC National Bank branch in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ms. Lewis’ plan is to obtain a small business loan to purchase commercial kitchen equipment for a rental space in downtown Chattanooga strategically located near the aquarium and theater. She has had a demographic study done and believes her desired location will help her branch bakery rival her original in foot traffic and profits. XYZ Community Bank is able to provide a detailed financial statement on AFL Bakery and Catering Services, Inc. upon request. I highly recommend AFL to your bank and am confident that Ms. Lewis and her company will forge a mutually beneficial relationship with CT National Bank.


Aaron Bartlett

Aaron G. Bartlett


XYZ Community Bank