Great Sample Resume

Grievance Letter

Dear (Name of employer, Grievance specialist),

In the opening paragraph of your grievance letter, explain briefly why you are writing. State that you have a problem with the care you received, the decision made by the insurance company, the way an employer treated you, etc. Directly below this paragraph, include any pertinent account or ID numbers that are applicable.


My access card number is ____________. My HMO identification number is ________. My employee number is ___________. (Whichever is applicable in your situation).

In the next paragraph, go on to explain the details surrounding your grievance. Include the names of people with whom you spoke, dates, how the problem arose, etc. Be very clear in describing the problem or violation.

The final paragraph should clearly explain that you expect a response in a timely manner. Give deadlines, such as 30 days, 48 hours, etc. Ask that the recipient send all pertinent information to you at your address given at the top of your grievance letter.


Your name

cc: Include the names of any parties that are receiving a copy of your letter

Writing a grievance letter can seem like a daunting task. Follow the guidelines above, make sure you have all of the essential information you need, and you will see that it is a fairly simple task.