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Job Appointment Letter

The job appointment letter is used to inform a candidate he or she has been selected to fill an open position in the company. It is also a welcome and overview letter. The letter can be from the hiring manager or another company official. The letter should boost the confidence of the new employee and set the tone for a positive working relationship.

Format and Content:

The tone of the letter should be welcoming and friendly. The job appointment letter format contains four paragraphs. The first paragraph is used to welcome the new employee and to give a few reasons why the employee was selected. The second paragraph is dedicated to giving the employee directions, including when, where and at what time to report to work. The third paragraph is used as an overview for job expectations. The fourth paragraph provides the new employee with company contact information and serves as a second welcome.


This job appointment letter sample is from the Human Resource Director of the hiring company, Mr. Weily. Mr. Weily is writing Lisa Markesan to let her know she has been selected for the position of Recruiting Manager. Mr. Weily gives Ms. Markesan detailed instructions for her first day, including where to report, as well as an overview of her job description. Most importantly, Mr. Weily lets Ms. Markesan know she is welcomed and valued by the organization.

Dear Ms. Markesan,

I am happy to inform you that you have been selected for the position of Recruiting Manager in the Human Resources department at Hines & Jones. You were selected for the position based on your previous work experience and your impressive educational accomplishments. We are thrilled to offer you this position on our team. We are confident you will thrive professionally and personally while working for our organization.

You are scheduled to begin work on August 15, 2013. Your will spend the morning of your first day in orientation classes at our Corporate Headquarters building, located at 5655 Riverside Drive. Please arrive at 8:00 am. When you arrive, please check in at the reception desk and you will be given directions on where to go. Following lunch, a team member will escort you to your new work area and introduce you to your new co-workers. Our dress code is corporate causal Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, you may wear jeans.

In your new position, you will be responsible for all college campus recruiting activities in the area, including scheduling, coordinating and marketing the events. You will be responsible for managing a team of five people, all of whom work recruiting events on a regular basis. You will interact with university representatives and college students. In addition, you will represent you team, and your team’s strategies for meeting its goals, in senior level planning meetings. As agreed, you will earn a salary of $75,800 per year, plus benefits and a yearly performance bonus.

Again, we are thrilled to have you on the team. A company-wide announcement of your appointment will be made following your formal acceptance of this position in writing. You may send your acceptance by email to [email] Please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Bill Weily

Bill Weily

Human Resource Director

Hines & Jones