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Lawyer Recommendation Letter

A lawyer recommendation letter may be written by a law school professor, a colleague, a senior partner in a law practice or even a satisfied client. It can be written for a new lawyer who just passed the Bar Exam or any established lawyer looking for employment or a promotion.


This sample lawyer recommendation letter is for a lawyer who is relocating due to his wife’s job change. The letter is written by a senior partner in the firm where the applicant is currently employed to another partner at a firm in the city to which the applicant is moving.

Dear Mr. Stevens:

It is my privilege to recommend Michael Everett, an excellent lawyer who is relocating to your area, for a position as an associate lawyer at Stevens and Stevens, LLC. Michael was in line for a junior partnership here at The King Law Firm, but is relocating to accommodate his wife due to her company closing their office here and transferring her to the Denver branch. I am sorry to see Michael leave, but very willing to assist him in any way to find another position at a law firm in the Denver area. Upon hearing about the opening for an associate lawyer at Stevens and Stevens I knew it would be the right place for Michael. I believe his skill set would be a perfect fit for your firm.

Michael came to The King Law Firm right after graduation from law school and has been with us for five years. He has superior research skills which have benefitted this firm immensely as well as excellent analytical skills. He is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for each case that is assigned to his workload. Michael is very personable and easily gains the trust of clients with whom he works. We have certain clients who prefer to work with him exclusively.

Michael’s exceptional writing skills have served him well during his time here at The King Law Firm. He is one of our best legal writers and has produced many well-researched and compelling briefs, motions and arguments. Additionally, Michael is a gifted public speaker. He has not only represented our clients in court with skill and professionalism, but has represented the firm at speaking engagements ranging from our local Chamber of Commerce to our state chapter of the United States Trial Lawyers Association. Michael constantly strives to further educate himself and improve his research, preparation and court room techniques.

I am pleased to recommend Michael Everett to your firm to fill the open position of associate lawyer. I believe his work would, not only meet, but exceed your expectations should you choose to offer him the position. I will be happy to speak with you further regarding Michael’s qualifications or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Arthur King

Arthur A. King


The King Law Firm