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Manager Reference Letter

A manager seeking employment in any industry such as manufacturing, finance, retail, hotel, food service or healthcare may need a letter of recommendation. It can be written by a company president, a department director, another manager or anyone who supervised and observed the applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Most employers do not want a reference letter from a friend or relative, but prefer one from someone for whom the applicant has worked as a subordinate.

Format and Content

There are a number of items that should be mentioned in a manager reference letter format including the applicant’s number of years of management experience. The areas in which the applicant has performed managerial duties as well as any accommodations earned should be noted in the reference letter too. Letters to the owner or president of the company praising the manager’s work or any special customer care that was provided can be mentioned as well.


This manager reference letter sample is from the owner of a large mountain resort and it is written on behalf of the resort’s manager who wishes to relocate. The manager wants to move to a more tropical climate and has applied for an open managerial position at a beach resort.

Dear Ms. Canterbury:

As owner of the XYZ Mountain Retreat I know that you understand how difficult it is to find the ideal manager with just the right mix of supervisory and motivational skills. A manager who is able to see that every member of the staff provides top notch customer service while maintaining a sense of order throughout the organization is a jewel indeed. That is exactly what I have had with Olivia Day for the past 5 years here at XYZ Mountain Retreat, and that is why I highly recommend her to fill the open position of general manager of ABC Beach Resort.

Olivia began with us as an intern her senior year at XYZ University where she majored in hospitality management. She worked her way up through the ranks from front desk reservationist, to concierge, to sales manager, to assistant manager and finally to general manager. There is rarely a month that goes by that I do not receive a letter from a guest who had an exceptional experience at XYZ in which Olivia was directly involved. She is highly respected and very well-like by everyone on staff in every department at the retreat.

It is with mixed emotions that I recommend Olivia to you to fill the open position of manager at your resort. She grew up in our beautiful mountain village but has expressed a great desire to work in a beach setting for a change. Always a lover of the coast, Olivia has spent all of her vacations on the beach. I understand her desire to move and work in an area she finds so pleasant, but she will certainly be missed tremendously here at XYZ.

I am confident that you will be just as pleased with Olivia’s managerial skills and job performance as I have been should you choose to hire her to fill your vacant general manager position. I am happy to speak with you any time if you have questions or would like to discuss Olivia’s qualifications further. I can be reached by phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,

Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Davis

Owner, XYZ Mountain Retreat