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Medical Assistant Reference Letter

A potential employer can be encouraged to hire a medical assistant by a letter sent from a previous employer. The medical assistant can be a recent graduate of a technical or vocational school wishing to begin a career or the applicant can be an established medical assistant seeking a job change. Either way, a reference letter from an individual who has witnessed the applicant’s job performance firsthand can be helpful during the job application process.

Format and Content

Any degrees or certifications should be included in the medical assistant reference letter format. The years of experience at previous employers and specific tasks that were accomplished on a daily basis should be listed in the letter as well. Any awards, accommodations or recognitions, such as “Employee of the Month” or complementary letters from patients can be mentioned in a reference letter. Anything that demonstrates the applicant’s level of expertise can be included as well.


This medical assistant reference letter sample is written by a senior partner for an applicant who has relocated to a new town due to her husband’s job transfer. She has worked for 5 years as a medical assistant at a family practice and is seeking employment with another family medical practice in her new home.

Dear Dr. Clive:

It is my honor to recommend Michelle Harrison to fill the available position of medical assistant at your practice. She has served the patients here at XYZ Family Practice for the past 5 years. Michelle was hired right out of vocational college where she graduated with honors and received her certification and state license. It has been a pleasure working with Michelle and it pains me to lose such a sharp, dedicated employee; however she must relocate to Louisville due to her husband’s job transfer.

While working at XYZ Michelle was able to skillfully keep up with our extremely heavy patient load while maintaining a positive attitude and treating all patients with respect. Her professionalism is impeccable. She is well-organized and self-motivated. During the course of each day Michelle was responsible for interacting with patients by taking medical histories and recording them in each patient’s electronic medical record file, checking vital signs, administering injections, drawing blood and collecting urine specimens.

When asked to cover for clerical staff handling such tasks as answering phones, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance coverage and answering patients’ questions Michelle did so with a cheerful attitude and no complaints. She has always been a team player and is well-liked and respected by both patients, co-workers and physicians. She has demonstrated a unique talent for calming children and elderly patients who are very sick, in pain or anxious about their examinations.

It is my hope that you will seriously consider Michelle Harrison for the medical assistant position open at ABC Family Practice. I am confident that you will be just as satisfied with her job performance as I have been these last 5 years. Should you wish to discuss Michelle’s qualifications further, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Gregory Jackson

Gregory L. Jackson, M.D.

Senior Partner

XYZ Family Practice