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Metal Detecting Permission Letter

A metal detecting permission letter is used to request permission from landowners to perform metal detecting operations on the owner’s land and property. This type of letter may be written by private individuals who metal detect for a hobby, or by professionals who specialize in the skill.

Format and Content

When individuals and experts write a request letter to landowners, the metal detecting permission letter format should be written in quality language and should include all valid information. The reasons for wishing to metal detect, the conditions upon which metal detection will occur and up to date contact information should always be present in a permission letter regarding this sport and hobby. It is vital that individuals and experts make the landowners feel comfortable about letting them metal detect on their property.


This metal detecting permission letter is for a professional metal detecting expert, Pat Collins, who specializes in finding and preserving historical artifacts for local communities. She went to college and majored in antique artifacts and preservation and now owns her own metal detecting company. She is writing this metal detecting permission letter requesting to metal detect on a local farmer’s land in a town called Sunny Isles, located an hour away from where she lives. She was hired by the local Sunny Isles Board of Farmer’s Rights to perform metal detection services.

Dear Mr. Chandlar,

I am writing you to request your permission to metal detect on your property, located on southeast Fifth Street. I am a professional preservation and antique artifacts expert and your local Board of Farmer’s Rights has hired me to see if I can find any historical artifacts on your property that may be donated to the Sunny Isles Museum of Artifacts. I understand that you farm this land in the spring and that you are currently in a down season. If this is true, then this would be a primary season for me to detect on your land.

Let me assure you that I am a trained professional and I always respect the property upon which I am searching for rare artifacts. I always leave the property in excellent condition and I adhere to any preset conditions that the property owner may have for me to abide by. I will in no way damage your property, as all of my detection locations are never dug deeper than four inches. I would like to begin my metal detecting services on your property on Monday of next week, if this is convenient for you.

If it is not a convenient time for you please let me know as soon as possible at my number listed above. If this request suits you, please sign the permission form below and I will obtain it from you on Monday when I arrive. Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.


Pat Collins

Pat Collins


Metal Detection of Indiana, Inc.

Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property

I hereby give permission to the bearer stated below to metal detect on my private property.

Owner’s Name and Address:



Bearer’s Name and Address: