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Missed Appointment Letter

Missed appointments cost professionals their time and money. When appointments are missed on a regular basis, the fees tend to get higher for all clients. The missed appointment letter allows a professional to remind a patient or client why keeping or canceling appointments in a timely manner is important. In some cases, it is used to notify and justify a missed appointment fee charged to the guilty party.

Format and Content:

This letter can be written by an office manager to protect the doctor and client relationship from being marred by resentment. The opening of the missed appointment letter format is used to inform a client or patient about a missed appointment. It is generally brief and to the point. The remaining sections of the letter can be used to justify a missed appointment fee or to warn the patient about a future fee if another appointment is missed. The letter should include positive information as well, such as statements containing the words “valued patient/client.”


In this missed appointment letter sample, the office manager for a dental practice is polite but firm. She tells the patient that he will be charged for missing the appointment. She takes away any argument on the part of the patient by mentioning other missed appointments. She is careful to remind him that he is a valued patient and invites him to call to reschedule his appointment.

Dear Mr. Byrd,

This letter is to inform you that you missed your dental appointment with Dr. Ronald Davidson, scheduled on July 27, 2013, at 1:00 pm. We understand that sometimes a patient is unable to make a scheduled appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we require patients to cancel appointments within 24 hours of a scheduled visit. You received a copy of this policy on your first visit and we have the signed copy on file.

I am sure you are aware that missing an appointment prevents us from giving you the care you need. However, it is also detrimental to us because it prevents us from scheduling another patient who needs dental care as well. When appointments are missed, our talented staff sits idle, as does Dr. Davidson. I am sure you understand we cannot run a successful practice by continually allowing missed appointments.

According to our records, this is the third dental appointment you have missed in a 12-month period. The first missed appointment was on February 11, 2013 and the second on May 25, 2013. We waived the missed appointment fees of $100 each for the first two missed appointments. Unfortunately, we cannot waive the fee for a third missed appointment. This fee is not covered by insurance. We are enclosing a bill with this letter and respectfully request that you pay it promptly on receipt.

You are a highly valued patient at Davidson Dental. We schedule appointments so that each patient has the time and attention he or she deserves. Dr. Davidson would like to continue to see you as a patient and to proceed with the dental plan of treatment that is already in place. Please call our office at (555)-555-5555 to reschedule your appointment or if you have any questions concerning this letter.


Lisa Spelling

Lisa Spelling

Office Manager

Davidson Dental Office

Enclosure: New Billing