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Music Teacher Recommendation Letter

A music teacher recommendation letter can be for a teacher who works in a public school, a private school, a music store or one who owns a music business. The letter can be written by a music student and a parent or an administrator or supervisor in a school environment.


This sample music teacher recommendation letter is written by the parent of two students who have taken piano and voice lessons from a music teacher. The letter was written as a general recommendation letter for any parents who are considering contracting with this teacher for music lessons for their children.

Dear Parent:

I would like to highly recommend Gloria Marshall to you as a music teacher for your children. Gloria is a gifted piano and voice teacher. She is very well-respected in this community and, as you may know, played the concert piano circuit for two decades until her retirement ten years ago. Immediately after graduating from the Julliard School of Dance, Drama and Music, Gloria performed for five years with the Zurich Opera in Switzerland. She married and returned to the United States where she performed as a concert pianist. This community is extremely fortunate to have a music teacher of her caliber to teach the talented children in the area.

Gloria is absolutely passionate about music. Her love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She is exceedingly patient with all students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one.Many of her students have gone on to embark on successful careers in music. Although she is one of the best music teachers in the state, her prices are extremely reasonable. In my opinion, she is worth every penny she charges and I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money. I believe my daughters will be able to get into good colleges and eventually find employment working in some area of music.

My two daughters have taken music lessons from Gloria for the past eight years. One studies piano and the other studies voice. They both plan to major in their respective areas of music in college and I am confident that Gloria has provided the music education they need to get them into an impressive university as music majors. Along with the technical aspects of piano and voice, Gloria addresses performance techniques as well and these have been particularly helpful to my daughters. There is nothing like learning about performing from a master who has performed all over the world.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Gloria Marshall to you as a music teacher for your children. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughters and the joy their music has brought to our family. I am happy to discuss my daughters’ experiences with you further if you so desire. Please feel free to contact me any time at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Jessica Bates

Jessica Bates