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Notice Of Lease Termination Letter From Landlord To Tenant

A property owner may decide to terminate a tenant’s lease for a variety of reasons. In some cases this termination equates to nonrenewal. Although a property owner is not obligated to state the reason within the letter, it is generally within his or her best interest to do so.

Format and Content

At minimum, the letter should include the date written, the effective date of the lease termination, a request for final inspection, and any other details that are relevant to a specific situation. The tone of the lease termination letter will depend on the circumstances. A letter sent to a good tenant may contain a friendly tone while a letter sent to a troublesome tenant is likely to use formal language and include specific reasons for the lease termination.


This sample lease termination letter is written by a landlord who is terminating his tenant’s year-to-year lease contract for a commercial property. The landlord acknowledges he may be causing the tenant undue hardship, however, he reduces the blow somewhat by giving his tenant a 3-month notice.

Dear Ms. Parks,

The lease agreement for the commercial property located at 1750 North Collins Blvd. is set to expire on August 30, 2013.The lease agreement contains a clause allowing for a month-to-month lease continuation, dependent upon the agreement of Owens Business Properties and Modern Design Services. This letter is to inform you that Owens has elected not to enter into the month-to-month lease agreement. Effective August 30, 2013, we will be terminating the lease agreement for the commercial property noted above.

As you know our area has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade. The number of new businesses moving into the area has quadrupled. We feel that it is in the best interest of Owens Business Properties to take advantage of this business trend. Toward that end, we will be updating and expanding the commercial property where your business is located. Our expansion plans include building 3 new office spaces and updating existing officesin accordance with current trends and technologies. We expect the expansion to be complete by January 1, 2014.

You have established yourself as a model business tenant. We are very pleased with your history of on-time rental payments and the care you have dedicated towards the maintenance of the office space. While our decision will require you to move your business to another location, we would like to extend an invitation for you to come and see the new facility when the remodeling is complete. We believe you will be very pleased with the improvements and hope that you will consider becoming our tenant again in 2014.

Toward the end of your lease my office manager, Mrs. Jones, will be calling you to set up a final inspection date of the property. You may turn in the keys to the property on the last day of tenancy. You will receive a refund of all deposits owed within 30 days of your lease termination. We ask that you provide our office with a forwarding address so that we may send you a refund check.

I apologize for any undue hardship this decision causes you or your business. Please rest assured I will provide your new landlord with a glowing recommendation. If you have anyquestions, you may reach me at (555)-555-5555. Alternatively, you may call Mrs. Jones at (555)-555-5555. I wish you the best in your future business endeavors.


Tom Owens

Mr. Tom Owens, Owner

Owens Business Properties