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Nurse Reference Letter

It is important for a nurse to have a well-written nurse reference letter when applying for a position in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Whether seeking a job at a hospital, clinic, surgical center, private practice or other medical facility, a strong reference letter is needed to capture the attention of managers in human resources departments. It is a good idea to have a supervisor or manager write the reference letter rather than a co-worker.

Format and Content:

Writers of reference letters for nurses should state their names, titles and places of employment. They should also explain what makes them qualified to express their opinions regarding an applicant’s skills and abilities in the medical field. A reference letter for a nurse should specify if the writer is a co-worker or superior. The letter should state the applicant’s name and the position for which the applicant is applying, and if should be concisely written.


This nurse reference letter is written by a neurologist for a nurse currently working in his office on his medical team. The nurse desires to work in a hospital environment instead of an office setting and has applied for a position at the hospital where the doctor is on staff.

Dear Administrator Sullivan:

It is my pleasure to recommend Florence Davis for the position of staff nurse on the neurology floor at Samaritan’s Medical Center. Although I will miss Florence’s skill, expertise and professionalism in my practice, I look forward to working with her at the hospital should you award her this position. As chief of neurology at Samaritan’s, I know that Florence is the kind of nurse that will serve the community well when patients seek treatments for neurological issues.

Florence joined my practice right out of nursing school. She graduated from the XYZ University School of Nursing six years ago. Prior to nursing school she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in biological studies from XYZ University. Her nursing degree includes a special concentration in neurology. Patients who suffer from injuries or congenital issues resulting in neurological disorders require a special level of treatment and Florence understands their needs and is able to respond to each patient’s unique situation.

Florence has been a tremendous asset to my practice. She routinely gives new patients their initial neurological exams making detailed and excellent notes in their electronic medical record files. She has developed exceptional abilities in recognizing minute signs during patient exams that point to emerging neurological problems. Florence is a gifted nurse who will be difficult to replace in my private practice.

I hope that you will seriously consider Florence Davis for the available position of nurse on the neurology floor. I can attest to the fact that she is exactly the kind of skilled, talented and dedicated nurse we need in the neurology department at Samaritans. Should you wish to speak with me at length about Florence’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


James Woods

James L. Woods, M.D.