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Permission Letter for Traveling Child

A permission letter for a traveling child is written and signed by a guardian to show legal transference of responsibility for a child. This type of letter is also known as a letter of consent to travel and is often signed by parents. This letter may be used for various occasions such as when a child is traveling abroad with a school or when the child is going on a field trip.

Format and Content

The permission letter format to be followed when written for a traveling child has some guidelines to keep in mind. For example, if the child who is traveling will be traveling out of the country, then the permission letter should be notarized and have both parents names and signatures. However, if the child is simply traveling out of town on a school field trip then just the parent signature is necessary. The accompanying adult should have contact information available and the letter should state the purpose and description of the destination to which the child will be traveling.


This sample permission letter for a traveling child is for Amanda Rodriguez, a fifth grader who will be traveling with her aunt to Puerto Rico. She is traveling outside of her country for the first time and will be visiting family there who live in Puerto Rico.

Mary Rodriguez

1571 SW 7th Avenue


Florida 83920

(827) 810-3683

March 7, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

My daughter, Amanda Rodriguez, has our permission to travel abroad with Maria Santibez. If you are reading this letter to confirm that my child is traveling under our permission, please see our signatures below to confirm this. If there are any problems that you should encounter while our child is traveling, please contact us at (555)-555-5555. My husband and I recognize and confirm that our daughter, Amanda Rodriguez, will be staying with the Gomez family during the time of March 15-20, 2013.

While our daughter stays with the Gomez family, she may travel, visit and shop with them in all surrounding regions of the town of Los Pica. In the case of any medical emergencies, we give our permission for Maria Santibez to make medical decisions for our daughter in our absence.


Mary Rodriguez

Mary Rodriguez

Consent to Travel

We, the undersigned legal guardians and parent’s of_____ Amanda Rodriguez_________, give our express permission for our child to travel out of the United States to Puerto Rico while accompanied by the undersigned adult listed below.

Child’s Full Name: _____Amanda Rodriguez______________.

Amanda Rodriguez will be traveling to Puerto Rico from March 15th to March 20th, 2013. During this time, Amanda Rodriguez will be residing at her family’s residence located at:

5109 South Chica Bay Road, Puerto Rico, 78291.

Full name of the accompanying adult: Maria Santibez______________.

Contact Number of accompanying adult: (555)-555-5555

Accompanying adult signature: ______________________________.

Address: ______1789 SE 30 Street, Miami, Florida, 83992_________.

Parent #1 Name: George Rodriguez__________.

Parent #2 Name: Mary Rodriguez___________.

Parent #1 Signature: ____________________________________________.

Parent #2 Signature: ____________________________________________.

Date: ________________.

Notary Name: __________________________________________________.

Notary Signature: ______________________________________________.

Notary Stamp: