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Project Manager Reference Letter

In some cases, project manager jobs can be short-term positions and when a project is completed the individual may return to a previous position. Large companies, however, often employ permanent project managers because they have so many projects going on continuously. A letter referring a project manager for a job can be extremely helpful to the applicant and is usually written by a department director, a general manager or other individual working in upper management.

Format and Content

The project manager reference letter format should provide highlights of a particular project or several projects for which the applicant has been responsible. Prospective employers of project managers want to know that applicants are capable of handling various types of projects relevant to different areas of the company. Applicants need to have a wide range of knowledge about different departments within a company as well as extensive knowledge of the company’s product and service offerings.


This project manager reference letter sample is from the director of an information systems department who is referring an employee to the human resources department and recommending that he be named the project manager over an upcoming computer conversion. The individual has handled other important special projects in the past.

Dear Mr. Walton:

I am pleased to refer Wendy Johnson to you to fill the temporary position of project manager over our upcoming computer conversion. As this is slated to be a major undertaking for the company we will need someone from within our current staff who already understands the company dynamic and is very familiar with our technological needs. Wendy fits the bill in all of these areas.

As you know she successfully managed the system integration when we acquired ABC Industries and oversaw a complete conversion of ABC’s antiquated computer system over to our system here at XYZ Affiliates. The entire project came off without a glitch and was completed on time and slightly under budget. I believe Wendy’s job performance during this crucial time proves that she has the knowledge, expertise and leadership skills necessary to take the lead as the project manager on our upcoming system conversion.

Wendy has demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and has earned the admiration and respect of both subordinates and superiors alike. Always displaying a positive attitude, Wendy has a talent for identifying the best abilities of each person on her team, assigning them tasks at which they usually excel and skillfully motivating them so that they put forth their very best efforts. She handles stressful situations in a calm and methodical manner and knows instinctively when a member of her team needs a little extra encouragement.

Her excellent written and verbal communication skills enable her to, not only make each team member’s task clear, but to provide ongoing written reports to management regarding the progress of each phase of the project. I hope you will strongly consider Wendy to fill this temporary project manager position. I am confident that she will be able to successfully complete the project within the desired timeframe and budget and without serious setbacks. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this matter further.


Michael Reese

Michael J. Reese

Vice President – Information Systems

XYZ Affiliates