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Security Guard Recommendation Letter

A security guard recommendation letter is typically written for an individual who has experience in the security field, can operate a firearm and knows some basic self-defense techniques. It can be written by a current or previous employer or any person who has reliable first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s qualifications.


This sample security guard recommendation letter is for a student at a community college who has been working in the campus security department. The student is now 21-years-old and has applied for a job with a private security firm. The letter is written by the student’s supervisor at campus security.

Dear Human Resources Department Director:

It is my privilege to recommend Cory Williamson to you for a position as a security guard. Cory has been working in campus security here at XYZ Community College for the past two years. He has never missed a shift or violated any of the rules pertaining to security guards working on campus. Our security guards are put through an extensive training course that includes physical fitness testing and a written exam. Cory passed both with excellent scores and has successfully completed his update requirements each year.

Cory works out regularly to keep in shape, takes a weekly karate class and practices shooting at the local target range. Although campus security guards do not carry firearms, Cory is licensed to carry a handgun and is an experienced marksman. He has a very calm demeanor and is a level-headed young man who has always exercised good judgment when faced with a safety or security issue on campus. Now that Cory is 21-years-old he desires to earn more money as a security guard in the private sector to help with tuition costs as he works toward completion of his degree program in criminal justice.

In addition to his martial arts training and target practice Cory is certified in cardio pulmonary resuscitation, basic first aid and Red Cross lifesaving and water safety. He has passed the background check that we run on our security guards every year and has a stellar record in terms of his behavior thus far during his college career. Cory’s grade point average currently stands at a 3.65. He has made the Dean’s List on numerous occasions and is on track to graduate cum laude in two years. He is a skilled communicator who has spoken at high school programs on several occasions about XYZ Community College campus life.

Cory will be sorely missed in campus security when he leaves us for the private sector; however we support him in his endeavor to earn additional funds to finance his college education. I hope you will seriously consider Cory Williamson for a position as a security guard at your firm. I believe that you will find him to be a trustworthy individual with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Please contact me if you need further information at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Allen Taylor

Allen P. Taylor


Campus Security

XYZ Community College