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Thank you for Promotion Letter

After receiving a promotion, you will want to write a thank you promotion letter properly thanking your superiors. The purpose of this letter is to express your gratitude for the promotion, and to explain how you plan to benefit from it.

Format and Content

Within the content of this letter, include gratitude for being considered for a promotion. Also include items such as looking forward to the future, continue growth, and how you plan to help the company. A thank you for promotion letter should be formatted into well thought out sections highlighting a specific theme.


The following thank you for promotion letter sample is from a senior apprentice of a law firm who has been promoted to partner. Her letter is intended for the senior partner of the firm.

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I want to take the time to express my gratitude for the promotion you have given me. Having the opportunity to work as a partner in your law firm is an opportunity that I am extremely excited to experience. I feel blessed that you took the chance and hired me right out of college and I feel more blessed that you see me as a valuable asset to your firm. Working for XYZ has always been my dream and being a partner puts me at a loss for words.

Over the last few years of working at XYZ, I have had every reason to be happy. I loved my job, even though I was simply an apprentice. I have done all the work with the utmost respect and tried to follow your example. I cannot wait to experience the same while serving beside you in court. I pray that I will continue to represent XYZ with the same professional manner that I have in the past. I have viewed you as my mentor for so long, that I am ready to call you a colleague.

Your willingness to train me and offer me direction when I needed it has been extremely beneficial to me. It has helped me learn where my weaknesses are and strengthen them. I look forward to the challenges that are in front of me, as well as the opportunities to grow in the law field. I know that I will continue to need your guidance and support as new cases come our way, presenting us with precedent cases that will need further investigation and new trial techniques.

I will make sure you never regret this decision and I look forward to the ability to train my own apprentice in the future. I look forward to helping this firm continue to rise to the top and handle more cases with the same prestige as it has always had. I am available anytime you need me. You can reach me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 and through email at [email] I look forward to receiving the business cards and the nameplate for my desk. Again, I appreciate everything you have done to make me who I am today in the law field. I am only ready for this opportunity because you wanted to take the risk of hiring a new graduate only two years ago.


Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison

Law Partner

XYZ Family Practice