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Thank You Internship Letter

The thank you internship letter expresses gratitude for the internship opportunity and details the relevant on-the-job experience obtained because of the internship. In some cases, it can open the door for a future job opportunity. The most effective thank you letters are truthful, detailed and contain a genuine expression of gratitude.

Format and Content

The thank you internship letter format allows you to address a specific individual or a group of people that you worked with on an internship project. Include specific examples of how you benefited personally, academically and professionally from the internship experience. If appropriate, the letter can contain a request for a recommendation letter or express a desire to work for the company full time following graduation.


This thank you internship letter sample is from an intern who learned much more than practical experience from his employer. The intern is not seeking future employment with the company as he plans to move locations following graduation. In this thoughtful letter, the intern ensures his previous employer that he will apply everything he learned during the internship to his future endeavors while thanking the employer for the experience gained.

Dear Mr. Washington,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your intern at Hollingsworth Investment Properties. The time I spent in your organization increased my self-confidence, and I look forward to the future with eager anticipation. I will succeed in my chosen career because you personally took the time to teach me the practical as well as the people skills needed to excel in a corporate environment.

During my internship, I learned several key concepts that enhanced my classroom instruction. Specifically, you taught me the benefits of learning the names of everyone in the organization, from the cleaning crew to senior management. You taught me to connect to people, not just the work. Because of your dedication, I feel empowered and capable of handling any challenge that comes my way.

On a professional level, you taught me the value of using technology as a tool. I learned to create and manage spreadsheets in class; I learned how to use them in the most effective and time-efficient way from you. I learned how streamlining processes is beneficial for the company and its clients, and most importantly, the value of one-on-one communication.

I am filled with excitement about graduating and making the big move to Atlanta this summer. At the same time, there is sadness in the knowledge that I will miss you and all of the people who work for you. During my internship, you proactively took on the role as my mentor. Going forward, I will remember your kindness and I will seek out opportunities to make others feel important and valued. Thank you for teaching me the most valuable skills of all.

Best Regards,

Mike Jennings

Mike Jennings