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Therapy Termination Letter

The therapist-patient relationship is based on cooperation and trust. When one or more of these elements is missing, it is in the best interest of the therapist to end the relationship. A respectful therapy termination letter that informs the patient of the termination decision is often preferable to a face-to-face meeting that may present an opportunity for confrontation.

Format and Content

Use a professional tone and wording that acknowledges the person as a valued patient. Provide the patient with a reason why the therapy is being discontinued and use relevant examples that helped you to reach the decision as part of the therapy termination letter format. Direct the patient to a resource referral service if he or she should continue to seek therapy. Advise the patient on how to get copies of his or her medical records and the length of time you will continue to see him or her as a patient.


This therapy termination letter sample is written by an occupational therapist who is discharging a patient due to a history of failing to show up for scheduled appointments. She mentions the consequences of the missed appointments to the patient, the rehabilitation clinic, and other patients in need of therapy. The patient is advised to seek a new therapist as soon as possible.

Dear Mr. Joyce:

After careful consideration, it is with regret that I must inform you that I will no longer be able to serve as your occupational therapist. My decision is based on your history of failing to keep your scheduled appointments.I will continue to provide therapy services to you through September 15, 2013. Following this date, you will need to seek services from a new therapy provider.

During the last 3 months, you have scheduled and failed to show up for 5 appointments. When a patient schedules an appointment, we set aside the time and professional resources needed to meet the needs of the patient. When the patient fails to show up or to cancel the appointment within 24 hours, these professional resources go unused. Further, this is a waste of time and professional skill that could be used to help another patient in need.

I understand that it is necessary for a patient to cancel an appointment due to an unexpected event ora scheduling conflict. Please understand that I cannot continue to condone missed appointments on a regular basis. I acknowledge that you have paid the fees associated with missed appointments. However, this is only part of the issue. From a personal and a professional standpoint, I must utilize my training and skills to help patients heal. Sitting idle due to a canceled appointment is a waste that can be avoided.

I strongly encourage you to contact the Kansas rehabilitation referral service to find another therapist located near you. Unfortunately, you will not be accepted as a new patient to any of the other therapists in our office. You may obtain a copy of your medical records by signing and returning the enclosed medical release form. By law, without a signed release form we cannot forward a copy of your records to you or another third party.

Please call our office receptionist at (555)-555-5555 if you have any questions regarding this letter. I thoroughly enjoyed providing you with therapy services. I wish you all the best going forward.


Janet Innsbruck

Ms. Janet Innsbruck

Occupational Therapist

Kansas Rehabilitation Clinic