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University Appeal Letter

Colleges and universities receive a plethora of appeal letters each semester addressing a wide variety of situations and circumstances. It is important that a student carefully compose a university appeal letter and briefly explain his or her unique set of circumstances that warrant a second look by an appeals committee.

Format and Content

It is not easy to convince college officials to appeal a decision. A university appeal letter format should include the student’s contact information, identification number, brief explanation of circumstances and the reason for the student’s appeal. Any forms that the university requires to be submitted along with the letter should be attached. It is important to make sure the letter is sent to the correct person or department that has the authority to consider an appeal.


This university appeal letter sample is from a student who has been fined for damage done to his dorm lobby during a party that got out of control. All students living in the dorm have been charged a fine of $250 for damages and cannot receive their grades at the end of the current semester or register for the next semester until the fine is paid. This student contends that he was not even on campus the night of the party as he had gone home for the weekend for his sister’s wedding; therefore, he does not believe that he should have to pay the fine. His parents are willing to testify and provide proof, in the form of wedding pictures, that he was not present at the dorm party on the night in question.

Dear Dr. Franklin,

My name is Alex Davis and I am writing to appeal the recent $250 fine levied against me along with all residents of Grant Hall. I am aware that there was a Halloween party in the lobby of our dorm on the night of Saturday, October 26 and that the party got out of hand resulting in extensive damage being done to the dorm lobby and other commons areas.

I understand that the damage must be repaired, those responsible should pay, and the housing department has no way of knowing which residents were present; therefore, all have been charged equally. At the same time, I must explain that I was not even in town on the night in question, much less present at the party. My sister got married that same night, and I was at home in Irondale for her wedding. My parents can testify that I was, in fact, with them on the evening of October 26 and can even provide photographs of me in the wedding party along with a newspaper announcement showing the date, time and location of the wedding.

I ask that you please excuse me from having to pay the $250 fine for the damage done to Grant Hall during the party since I am able to provide proof that I was not there. I am available at your convenience for questioning at the information listed above and my parents, Greg and Diane Davis, can be reached at their homenumber of (555)-555-5555. Thank you in advance for your consideration of my appeal.


Alex Davis

Alex Davis