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Volunteer Appreciation Letter

Volunteers are the backbone of most non-profit organizations as well as schools , churches, zoos and other groups. A volunteer appreciation letter does not cost a lot, but can go a long way in making volunteers understand the importance and value of their efforts. It is good to personalize each appreciation letter if possible, but well-written form letters are acceptable too. It is a good idea to thank volunteers every year.

Format and Content

The name of the organization and the specific event should be included in the volunteer appreciation letter format. The date of the event and the particular accomplishment of the volunteer should be mentioned as well. The letter can also be used to solicit additional volunteer services for future events and projects. Past volunteers are excellent prospects for additional work and for recruiting more volunteers; however it is always important to express gratitude for volunteer efforts.


This volunteer appreciation letter sample is from the principal of an elementary school. He is expressing gratitude to a parent who served as president of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). She was instrumental in organizing fundraising projects to improve the school and motivate more parents to become involved.

Dear Mrs. Clancy,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your skillful leadership of the ABC Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization during the 2013-2014 school year. Your work as the president of the PTO brought the school unprecedented benefits this year, and your organizational skills and talent at motivating other volunteers was phenomenal. Your ability to “think outside of the box” in terms of selecting fundraising projects excited the other parents and the students, and succeeded in shattering all past fundraising efforts.

The school will realize technological and academic advantages for years to come from the cutting edge computer equipment that the PTO was able to purchase for the technology lab. Our school now stands head and shoulders above the other schools in the county in the technology realm, and this is largely due to your vision and that of the other active PTO members who understand the significance of technological expertise for this next generation.

As a former arts coordinator I greatly appreciate the successful fundraising efforts that brought new musical instruments to the music classroom and high quality art supplies and equipment to the art lab. As school systems continue to slash budgets in the arts, it is refreshing to be able to continue to offer our students excellent opportunities in the areas of music and art.

In addition, I am tremendously appreciative of your efforts to enlist commitments from parents to serve as PTO officers and volunteers next year. You will be greatly missed next year, but I know the leadership at ABC Middle School is looking forward to putting your talents to good use there. I wish you and your family all the best in the years to come.

Best Regards,

Andrew Ellis

Andrew Ellis