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An administrative assistant serves in many ways as the backbone of an office. This position is an excellent entry-level offering, but it is versatile enough to turn into a long-term career if desired. As the business world continues to grow, so too does the possible administrative assistant pool. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth of 12% in this job market over the next decade.

Because an administrative assistant position is open to anybody regardless of their level of postsecondary education, the job market is very competitive. A well-crafted resume will help improve your chances of getting an interview. When putting together a resume, you need to carefully consider your objective statement, which will influence the way people look at the rest of your work experience. Some ideas of possible objective statements for this position are presented here.

Example Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

To combine my ability to multitask, my attention to detail, and my communication skills in a package that will help make Lavender State Realty an even more effect organization than it presently is.James Robertson – San Francisco, CA
48 9
To secure a position at Tallman Insurance where I can serve as an important part of a team and facilitate office administration needs in a way that will improve efficiency and performance within the organization.Helen Prince – Nashville, TN
47 6
To secure a full time permanent position with Whitecraft Entertainment where I can utilize my years of experience as an administrative assistant in an office environment that will provide me with consistent challenges and interesting new endeavors.Hillary Cobalt – Aurora, OH
39 4
Seeking a position at North Country Associates where I can make a positive impact on the company by improving office efficiency, utilizing my exceptional time management skills, and tapping into my overall body of experience as an administrative assistant.Natalie Simson – San Diego, CA
35 5
To gain employment with Blue Lake Partners in an administrative assistant position where I can use my experience with office software, phone communication skills, and ability to multitask in a manner which will help to further the company's mission of providing excellent service to clients.Jesse James – Daytona Beach, FL
24 1
To use my extensive background as an office administrative assistant in a position at Red Rock Associates that offers me new challenges and allows me to use my skills to their fullest.Ellen Campbell – Brook Park, OH
20 2
Seeking a position with the University of Maine Medical Center where I can utilize my organizational skills, ability to take on diverse challenges, and desire for a fast-paced office environment.Lisa Roberts – Boston, MA
13 1
To secure a position with Wright Marketing that allows me to full utilize my education and experience in a manner that will challenge me while also giving me a chance to improve the company as a whole.Cathy Peterson – Richmond, VA
10 2
To obtain a full time position at King City Printers that will allow me to utilize my communications and organizational abilities to their fullest while also serving the needs of a diverse community.Laura Norman – Henderson, NV
9 2
To obtain a position within Green and Gold Promotions that allows me to properly utilize my office administration skills while also allowing me to improve upon my existing communication and organizational abilities.Barbara Smith – Avondale, AZ
8 2


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