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While many people may think that the field of engineering is always cut and dry, one area where it certainly isn’t is in the creation of your resume objective statement. To help you navigate this important aspect of your resume, we have put together a series of example objective statements that you can use to develop your own. You can modify one or combine several to create the perfect statement to showcase your unique talents and capabilities.

These sample objective statements are specifically designed for those seeking employment in engineering and will help to set your resume apart from other generic applications. Put these together with a resume built from one of our engineering resume samples and you’ll be showing a prospective employer that you’ve got what it takes to not only meet but also exceed their expectations.

Example Engineering Resume Objectives

I am looking for an opportunity in a reputed organization which will help me deliver my best and upgrade my skills in engineering and meet the demands of the organization. Deborah Wallace – Springfield, IL
940 266
To utilize my technical skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance in the organization. I would like to implement my innovative ideas, skills and creativity for accomplishing the projects. William Wright – Independence, MO
769 105
To obtain a challenging position in a high quality engineering environment where my resourceful experience and academic skills will add value to organizational operations. William Stewart – Evansville, IN
528 66
To be placed in a company in which I can use my technical skills and leadership qualities to the upliftment of the company and personal growth. William Evans – Provo, UT
266 61
Position as an engineer or related position which offers key participation, team oriented tasks, immediate challenges, and career opportunity. Neil Sharma – Athens, GA
194 66
To pursue a career as an electrical engineer within the construction industry. New graduate with a six-month internship with Axiem International, and a license to work in Connecticut. Mildred Smith – Syracuse, NY
127 35
Dedicate, energetic and motivated team player seeking a career that would enable me to utilize into the (name) field. Richard Cox – Fargo, ND
78 70
Having graduated from California Institute of Technology earlier this year and currently fulfilling my master’s degree at MIT, my goal is to find an internship program at a Cambridge, MA-based company that could benefit from my educational background and passion for engineering, while I obtain hands-on experience. Timothy Fife – Oxnard, CA
70 48
To obtain a forensic mechanical engineer position with an insurance or automotive company. Demonstrated experience with performing forensic engineering investigations and proper documentation of vehicle accident reconstruction. Holds an ACTAR or ASE certification. Eric Faris – Falmouth, MA
62 7
With a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a three-year field experience with electrical distribution systems, my goal is to find a full-time electrical engineer position and continue to provide electrical testing and engineering services in industrial environments. Allan Alfaro – Griswold, IA
60 27
To continue my career as a PE-licensed electrical engineer within the power distribution sector. Stacey Priolo – Garden City, NY
49 23
Seeking a position as an engineering VP/director/manager in initiatives that utilize state-of-the-art, software and/or hardware components with a creative, technology-driven organization in an environment that encourages innovative thinking, recognition, and career development. Customer interaction is a plus. John Wallace – Denton, TX
48 16
As a licensed civil engineer for several years, I have worked as a project manager, CAD designer and structural engineer. Upon my relocation in Tampa, OR, my objective is to find a renowned company with a spot for a competent civil engineering project manager. Alex Morris – Charleston, SC
34 19
To further my experience and knowledge in the field of electronics and warehouse. Robert Price – Norman, OK
32 39
With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and advanced knowledge with wind energy, my goal is to find a full-time position in a company focused in the wind/turbine energy industry. Jason Vargas – West Roxbury, MA
28 13
Seeking a junior structural engineer position with a construction company or engineering firm that could allow me to utilize my PE license and background in the analysis of soil foundation, water issues, and structural problems in residential and commercial properties. Jack Leighton – Bryan, TX
27 20
With over 3 years of experience working as a groundwater hydrologist mainly collecting and analyzing rock/soil samples, as well as extensive risk assessment, my goal is to obtain a geotechnical engineering position in an eco-friendly private company. Travel and on-field work possible. Samuel K. Chew – Metropolis, IL
26 13
With a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and 3 years of experience working in an indus trial environment, my objective is to join a team of chemical process engineers in developing chemicals, fertilizers and other industrial products. Proficient with chemical processing unit operations and has advanced knowledge of P&ID development documentation processes. Matthew Joseph – Arlington, TX
26 11
With several years of experience as a senior chemical engineer, my objective is to find a position in Product Development at a manufacturing company. Experience in the pool and spa industry, strong background in electrochemistry, metal corrosion and water treatment, as well as knowledge in product development disciplines. Willing to relocate. Robert Tylor – Oakland, CA
25 10
Registered process engineer is looking for a technical position with a company in the oil and gas industry, which may utilize my strong knowledge in product development and oil/gas exploration, professional experience in EPCs and demonstrated ability with process simulation software. Matthew Dowery – Frederick, MD
25 4


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