A degree in accounting is, by far, one of the most rewarding degrees ever. An accountant with an accountant degree over a diploma is definitely looking a brighter career and earning prospects. What is more, a degree in accounting could lead you on to becoming an accounting Professor.
This is how you can go on to becoming an Accounting Professor and be one of the most sought after academicians the world of education.

1. Begin Preparing In High School

You will need to begin early if you aspire to become an accounting Professor. The subjects you will need to study starting from High School will include math, accounts and anything related to finance.

2. Continue Studying Through College

You will need all the knowledge you can acquire when it comes to accounting and practical knowledge is priceless in this field. You will need to read all the literature on the subject of accounting as you possibly can and also find a mentor. Your mentor should preferably be an accountant with a lot of experience in the field. Look for a CPA or a company accountant.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

After you have acquired your degree in accounting you should go on to study for your Masters degree is you want to become an accounting Professor. The minimum requirement for a professor’s post in any institution is a Masters degree. The entire process will take you 5 to 6 years. However, do not give up your practice with your accountant mentor just yet. The more practical knowledge you get the more valuable knowledge you will be able to pass on to your students.

4. Get A Doctorate

A PhD in Accounting should be your ultimate goal if you want to be a well known accounting professor. This degree will open up avenues for you that very few accounting professors are able to access. Not only will you be able to become an accounting Professor but you will get other job offers such as the positions as a CEO of companies that could use your expertise in the fine art of making financial profits.

5. The Job Application Process

Even with a PhD you will not find that landing a professor’s position in any institute an automated task. You will have to do some networking and let people know that you are available for the post. You will also need to make your presence known as an accounting professor. If it is the teaching line you are keen on you will have to keep in touch with the teaching fraternity of the places you would like to work with.
Send out your applications to all the heads of all the renowned institutions that offer programs in accounting. They will find you an invaluable asset if you have an accounting Doctorate. You will be one of the very few accountants holding a Doctorate in the field.
If your educational documents are perfect and you have some experience you will find it quite easy to find a job as an accounting Professor sooner than later.