When you are being interviewed for a position as an accounting clerk, you will need to focus on your ability to pay attention to detail, organizational skills, computer software prowess and professionalism at all times. The following accounting clerk questions and answers provide some examples of things that you may be asked as well as how you may choose to answer.

What Are Your Career Goals as an Accounting Clerk?

Many interviewers will ask this question in order to determine your plans for development and your ability to plan the future. Perhaps you want a position as the lead accounting clerk or some other supervisory position in the future. If so, be sure to provide details as well as a time frame. For example, you could say that you will work toward earning your first promotion within two to three years and then follow up with your ultimate goal; you would like to be a supervisor or perhaps even the department head for the company in a five or six year period. However, if you have not yet set goals, you should state that you have been focused on career development rather than your future plans.

Do You Understand Computers?

As an accounting clerk, much of your time will be spent working with computers. As such, your interviewer will likely ask you about the various computer programs and types of software with which you are proficient. Be sure to list each of them and elaborate on the ones that you are most familiar with. For instance, stating that you are capable of using Microsoft Office is not the best answer; instead, elaborate on the facets of that program that you understand the best. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others are all important to your job. Similarly, be sure to mention Adobe, Notepad, Linux, Open Office and other programs if you are familiar with them.

How Detail-Oriented Are You? What Methods Do You Use?

This question seeks to bring out your organizational abilities as well as any particular skills you employ to stay on task. During your accounting clerk training, you likely learned about several ways to maintain your focus. Be sure to provide information about the methods you like the best and explain them very briefly. For example, if you like to perform tedious data entry tasks after lunch so that you can focus better, make sure to say so. On the same note, you should recognize that individual companies usually have their own ways filing, entering data, etc. You may be required to conform to this, so be sure to mention that you can maintain focus while still being flexible to the needs of the company.

Do You Communicate Effectively?

Although there is a good possibility that you will work in a back office as an accounting clerk, you may be required to work at a front desk for a company and combine your accounting skills with administrative knowledge. In either case, good communication is essential. If you have worked in a customer service position in the past, now is a good time to mention that. Also, you may choose to provide an example of a situation in which you were able to resolve a disgruntled client or customer’s issue simply by being sensitive to his or her needs and anticipating the expected resolution.
Your job setting as an accounting clerk can vary greatly, but all of the above information is important to an interviewer regardless of the job position. You will need to be professional not only in appearance, but also in demeanor at all times in order to be successful and stand out from the other candidates.