If you will be interviewing for an architect position, it is important to understand what will be asked of you as well as how you should respond. The following architect interview questions and answers will help you mold your answers to your own personal abilities and experience.

What is Your Biggest Success to Date?

With this question, your interviewer is partly probing you to determine your skill and partly interested in determining how you feel about your accomplishments. It is wise to bring a photograph or concept with you so that you can show this to your interviewer, but you will also want to provide a brief explanation. Although you should avoid outright bragging, you should be sure to express your excitement about your accomplishment. This shows that you are eager to be recognized, and this particular quality shows your potential employer that you are willing to put in the time and effort required to complete a task to the best of your ability.

Can You Describe a Team Project and Your Role Within that Team?

Architecture is a lot like art, but actually putting together a concept requires an entire team of individuals working together. When your interviewer asks this question, he or she is likely not asking you to boast about the results of your best team project. This question is asked so that the interviewer can correctly gauge your ability to work well with others. You should answer the question exactly as it is asked, but be sure to add that your role in the project would not have been a success without the roles of others on your team, as well. For instance, if it was your job to draw up the concept, be sure to pay homage to the individuals who helped to design that concept in the first place.

Why Did You Choose to Become an Architect?

Although this question may seem like nothing more than rhetoric to some, it is actually a great way for your potential employer to determine your passions and what drives you forward in your career. It also helps the interviewer determine whether or not you will be a good ‘fit’ with their company. As an example, if you reply that you wanted your artistic ability to be demonstrated in a physical manner, your interviewer is likely to determine that you are interested in creating new and innovative structures. Conversely, if you reply that your focus is primarily on the safety of others, then your interviewer can determine that you have a passion for developing sturdy buildings that will last for years to come.

Are You Familiar with Digital Design?

Although you likely took plenty of drafting and related courses during your college years, most of your design will be done digitally in today’s day and age. Your interviewer will want to know if you are familiar with the software, including Sketchup, Revit and others that are commonly found in architecture firms. Similarly, if you have used this software to create concepts or designs, you should bring these with you to present as evidence.
As long as you can show that your skills, education, experience, drive and passion are all wonderful additions to the company, your interviewer will pick up on these things. Being able to answer these questions quickly, appropriately and adequately will go a long way toward helping you land the position you really want.