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Best Emphasizing the Ability to Multitask on Your Resume

One of the foremost qualities that any employer wants to see in their employees is the ability to multitask. This particular skill applies to a variety of different professions, from the finance world to academia to industrial engineering, and is highly valued due to its connection to production and efficiency. What follow are some tips […]

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Crafting an Excellent AA Degree Emphasis on Your Resume

Some people wonder whether they should include their Associate of Arts (AA) degree on their resumes, and if so, how they should go about including these degrees in order to emphasize their usefulness. As a general rule, AA degrees should, in fact, be included, since they reflect intellectual curiosity and advanced education. What follows are […]

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Highlighting the Ability to Work Independently on Your Resume

One of the foremost qualities employers look for in their employees is the ability to work independently. Thus, when crafting your resume, this is a skill you will definitely want to highlight and emphasize wherever it is applicable and appropriate. Luckily, there are a number of alternate ways you can demonstrate your independent work ethic […]

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How To Write A Resume When You Havent Worked For Years?

You haven’t worked in years-it’s common situation. Perhaps, you’ve been a stay at home mom, self employed, or sick. Whatever the reason is, you are going back to work, and you need to write a resume that focuses on the value you have as a candidate. The problem is, most employers view a period of […]

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How To Write A Resume With No Education?

The best approach to writing a resume when you have no formal education-meaning college education-is to focus on what you do have. Perhaps, you may still be in high school, have just graduated from high school, or have completed a GED. In any event, you need to create a resume, as all jobs that you […]

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How To Write A Resume With Salary Requirements?

Often, when you see an open position that has salary requirements, the employer or hiring manager is referring to either salary expectations or salary history. In the case of salary expectations, they want you to define the salary range that you expect to make if hired for the position-and usually this information is included in […]